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Long Shot - DIEP experience with Drs. Cacioppo and Cohen in Indianapolis?


I am currently undergoing delayed reconstruction with tissue expanders. My first plastic surgeon left the practice and I was transferred to Dr. Jason Cacioppo in the same practice after my first two or three fills. My current PS seems to think that my 400 cc expanders are likely too small for my frame (and I tend to agree, they are rather far apart and smaller than I would like, even though they are currently overfilled to 540 ccs right now.) I don't think they can hold much more based on how tight they currently feel. As a result, Dr. C is recommending the DIEP flap option over implants because he feels like I will not be able to achieve the look I would like (nothing crazy, just maybe a D cup?) given the limitations of the current expanders. He is not pushing me, just giving me his opinion.

Anyone here have any experience with Dr. Jason Cacioppo or his likely co-surgeon Dr. Cohen at Community North near Indianapolis?