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Overfilling 400 CC Tissue Expanders


Quick question: How many ccs can a 400cc tissue expander actually hold if overfilled?

I am at 540ccs right now…how much higher can I realistically go?



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    edited September 2023

    @momgoose, we're sorry we can't really help, and you didn't get responses to your question yet. Perhaps you could try posting again in the popular Exchange City thread, which has tons of comments all about this type of reconstruction. The discussion hasn't been active since 2022, but this could be a great way to bring it back to the active topics!

    Hope this helps!

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  • momgoose
    momgoose Member Posts: 71

    So in case it helps someone else, apparently 400 cc tissue expanders can hold at least 780 ccs. It's not comfortable at all, but I haven't exploded yet, so it's holding strong. 🤣 That's as much as I'm willing to push it and probably about as much as my skin can take right now.