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Hi, I haven’t been here for some time. I was diagnosed with ILC left side/ stage 1 at age 53. Intuition told me to have lumpectomy where I had a lump that randomly had sharp pain. , My surgeon wanted to aspirate, it was the tissue beneath the lump that was ILC. Dble mastectomy/ expanders/ Mentor smooth silicone implants. i have been symptomatic with fatigue, headaches, armpit pain and lump in pec muscle for several years. Low white and red blood cells, microscopic hematuria, ANA/ CCP/ positive autoimmune but not definite clinical diagnosis up til now. Rheumatologist poss. Induced lupus is simmering on back burner. First doc that has finally mentioned possible BII. Since last winter I have had pain behind my right implant, CHANGE IN SIZE but Breast MRI is clear for no leakage, I can’t imagine with the simple and decrease in size??? Pain goes into armpit, crease of shoulder, collarbone and lower jaw, fullness and pressure in tonsil area and now it’s all moved to my left side. Only difference is that the pain starts in my collarbone area, becomes raised and painful moves up under jaw and throat and down in crease of shoulder arm pit under arm and pain under implant. One Plastic Surgeon want to removed and replace with implant of my own skin. I chose my own tissue. Surgery scheduled for MAY 2024!!!!!! I can’t wait!!! I feel such urgency to remove the silicone implants before an autoimmune surfaces or worse. I have a appointment in Mayo Oct for an evaluation. Hoping and praying they can help me sooner. Has anyone experienced these symptoms and if so, would you please share. I feel such an urgency to address this NOW. it’s so frustrating!! I hope to hear from someone with some insight for me please.


  • vlnrph
    vlnrph Member Posts: 453

    Mtks, so sorry you have found your way back here. Having had DIEP (own tissue) reconstruction, I’m not aware of all the factors involved in breast implant illness but wanted to offer support. A Mayo second opinion sounds like a good idea, get a third if you need. Perhaps the Mentor silicone can be removed with a more permanent surgical solution done later.