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Weight Loss--Wegovy or Alternatives?


Hello everyone.

I finished Kadcyla back in April and have been on Anastrozole for almost a year. (By the way I'm triple positive and probably need to update my profile since I haven't posted in a while). Anyway, after chemo, 4 surgeries (including removing my ovaries), targeted treatment, and all the trauma over the past two years, I've gained some weight that I really want/need to lose.

I used Wegovy back in 2021 for just a short time on the lowest dose before I was diagnosed with BC (October 2021). I never lost any weight but maybe it needed more time. Anyway I've been prescribed it again but haven't started because of fear, it's hard to get and I read that it might not work as well for women taking aromatase inhibitors.

Are any of you currently taking it while also being on an AI? Are there safer alternatives? I just need a little help losing these extra lbs.

Thanks for any feedback. 🙂


  • quietgirl
    quietgirl Member Posts: 165

    I don’t take wegovy but do take Ozempic for type 2 diabetes. (I have take Ozempic for years. I have never lost weight with it but I did gain weight for the 6 months I wasn’t on due to issues with my insurance but am not back to the weight I was at when I first started taking it. ). I am on an AI so officially I have been on both together for a year and I haven’t gained anything and my A1C is at a great a range which allowed me to decrease my once a day insulin shot. Since Ozempic and Wegovy are essentially the same medication except they’re except on I s branded for diabetes and the other for weight loss, I will say that while I had some issues last year refilling I haven’t had issues in the last 6 months but Wegovy might still be having issues ( primarily because it’s been prescribed for people who don’t actually fit in to it’s targeted population (chronically overweight not celebrities who want to lose a few pounds)

    Still it’s a big step since for many people to keep the weight off you have to keep taking Wegovy (since one of the ways it works is by causing your stomach to empty slower so you feel full longer Once you stop taking it that benefit goes away) There have also been stories in the news recently that very side effect ends up causing major problems for some people so that even when they stop they still have issues with digestion but of course as we all know all medication has possible side effects

    If you have prescription coverage for it, and were going to start using it in 2021 I don’t think you should not take it because you are taking an AI because you won’t know if it doesn’t work for you unless you take it. unfortunately you can’t control what the supply will be like. But at least if you start you can work up to your target dosage and see if you have any side effects you can’t live with. Stomach issues is the one most commonly reported and if you really aren’t losing any weight then at least you gave it a try and know that it’s not for you. But like I said Ozempic hasn’t been impacted by my taking an AI it’s doing what it’s supposed in terms of keeping my blood sugar in check. I wish I did lose some weight on it but that’s not what I need it for