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Itchy chest wall 2 yrs after reconstruction


I had double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction after previous DCIS lumpectomy and recurrent cancer in both breasts. I wanted my original C cup, but ended up with D cups (go big or go home surgical approach?). The extra weight is not fun, and the chest wall itching started after year one. What helps me the most is putting on at least a sports bra, or better yet, a cotton front-fastening compression bra I bought online. I wear it all day or sometimes all night, and no more itching. Then I can go braless for days.

I also take antihistamine Zyrtec and find if I forget it for a few days the itching is unbearable, but I'm allergic to cats, dogs, dust mites anyway, so no biggie to take it daily. I do have rippling, but in early 60's, I can live with it.

I bled out 4 pints after initial surgery, which messed up vision in left eye, and then had a pulmonary embolism the day the drains were removed. Not from lack of was weird and unbelievable. I didn't want to treat to begin with, did it on advice of GP, but didn't have any spread to lymph nodes and did no further treatment. Glad I didn't do tamox, radiation or chemo and believe I'll live a normal life expectancy. Over treatment is just as threatening as under treatment, but I think the latter was a great choice for me. I'm uncomfortable sometimes, but have found a good solution for the itching. I'll have to try the back scratching technique some have said works for them, interesting...I don't see how topical creams could ever work. Unless they can pass through silicone, no way.


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    Hello, @sidestep, and welcome to! We are glad to see you found our community and decided to post and share your personal experience after reconstruction. Thanks! If you need assistance finding what you need and meeting others in the community, please let us know. We are always here!


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