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Recurrence in mastectomy incision?

Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has had a recurrence in their mastectomy incision? Can you tell me what it looks like? I'm 11 mo post mastectomy and about 6 months post reconstruction. The scar looks fine except for on the very end I have a small swollen red spot that is mildly tender (kind of hard to tell because I'm numb but I have some sensation in that spot). Not sure what I'm looking at. Don't think it would be an undissolved stitch. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you!


  • serendipity09
    serendipity09 Member Posts: 769

    Lady2022 my recommendation is to make an appointment to be seen by your BS/PS, just for your peace of mind. I had a "blemish" right at the end of my scar-line that turned out to be a recurrence. I was only four/five months our from my BMX though. That's not to say that yours is a recurrence. It could definitely be undissolved suture. I've had other similar bumps that have turned out to be nothing. Hoping that it is nothing for you!

  • lady2022
    lady2022 Member Posts: 7

    Thank you serendipity! I have my follow up with the breast surgeon in a couple of months. Trying not to stress in the meantime. Looking forward to getting through these follow up appointments with hopefully all good news.

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 848

    Hi @lady2022 ,I had the same type of spot develop at the end of my lumpectomy scar about six months after surgery. The surgeon told me it was a suture granuloma which is caused by an inflammatory reaction to the retained suture material. Often they go away on their own or with the help of cortisone cream (like mine did) but she said she would remove it if it was still there six months later. It's always a good idea to get this checked out at your next appointment in case it is something else.

  • kaynotrealname
    kaynotrealname Member Posts: 366
    edited September 2023

    I have small red spots at various parts of my scars but they've been there since the beginning so I know it's just a part of my healing process. My doctors know that unfortunately I have huge reactions to sutures and that's what they are thinking it is. Anyway they're harder but not hard if you know what I mean. Definitely get it checked out though. Just always smart.

  • lady2022
    lady2022 Member Posts: 7

    Thanks all. You've given me hope :) I will let you know what the surgeon says when I see her. Appointment should be in the next month.