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Panic attack, sadness and breathing exercise

Hi everybody

I'm usually happy and try to have my normal life, but sometimes I just feel like I'm going deeper snd deeper in to sadness, or having a strong panic attack . Especially now that I fpund out my cancer is back in my liver, after only an year of Ribociclib. I tough it was supposed to last 5 or 6 year, but not for me! I need to find a new cure now, znd fast.

In the meanwhile, when I'm really down, i just do some breathing exercise and I feel better with it (currently WOM breathing). But other kind sometimes.

What do you do when you are really down?

I do not take anxiety medication or anything else...

Any natural remedy?



  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,626
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    I think most of us stage IV members understand how you feel and have experienced the same. Many of us have also taken anti-depressants, even if we resisted initially, as they do work. However, I understand that not everyone is comfortable with this idea. For me, keeping busy is the key to mood elevation. I am retired but still work part time at a job I adored (I was a teacher and sub in my former district). Exercise helps many too.
    I do not want to take away hope, as I believe there is always hope, so I hope you do find a cure. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for MBC but new meds offer promise of longer survival times which may eventually lead to a cure. I should add that I have lived with mbc for twelve years but no one would consider me cured nor does anyone have an explanation as to why I have survived for so long. I am a true outlier. I don’t want this to discourage you but I think part of dealing with mbc and depression is that one remain hopeful but still very much grounded in reality. Lastly, if none of the “natural” suggestions help with depression you might give some serious thought to anti-depressants. Stage IV breast cancer is rough and it’s ok to get a little pharmaceutical help if needed. Take care

    PS: No one can promise/predict how long a drug will work for you so I am sorry that someone made you believe that Ribociclib came with any promise of lasting any length of time. No oncologist should ever tell something like that to a patient, especially not someone who is metastatic.

  • amel_83
    amel_83 Member Posts: 96

    Thank you for your reply, you are really luky!

    Yes i try to keep me busy all the time, and 1 hour a day of exercise, that help a lot too.

    I think medication are not for me because everything give me an headache, even sleep aid...but I will definitely keep dping things and have hope! It is very important, and here I see many people living with mbc that are very brave and strong! I hope I can be like that too!