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When to be concerned about lesions


I have about 4 lesions on my lung and liver that showed up on scans before and after chemo. They range from 2-5 mm. My MO said they aren’t of concern right now and we will just keep an eye on them. This is constantly going to be on my mind that my breast cancer may have metastasized. How big do lesions have to get before they are biopsied? If it is MBC, wouldn’t chemo have destroyed those spots on my organs too?


  • flowergirl1975
    flowergirl1975 Member Posts: 57

    Hello @trv4764! when I had an MRI of my breasts it caught a glimpse of my liver which reported abnormal findings. Because I was already diagnosed with BC I had to have another MRI of my liver before we could move forward. My liver MRI showed multiple lesions , hemangiomas, and cysts. All benign and normal apparently. Liver MRI picked up a cyst on my pancreas which dosent appear to be of concern but now I have to have a yearly follow up on that for two years for stability. So all lesions are not cancerous is where I am going. Sometimes in the lung what might look like a cancerous lesion could be a benign nodule, happened to someone I know. Those MRI’s pick up EVERYTHING, which is a good and a bad thing. If you’re not comfortable with the answers you have on why they are only watching them at this point… ask more questions to the point you are comfortable with waiting. Best wishes !

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 955

    Hi @trv4764 , I am being followed for lung nodules. A few have increased a bit in size but not quickly enough to be suspicious. My pulmonologist is pretty sure that they are benign lesions caused by inflammation. If they don't look malignant watching and waiting is the accepted protocol which is what your MO is doing.