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51 years old, image - new microcalc group & mass but many ok in past

arielmc Member Posts: 3
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will have 1 or 2 biopsies in 12 days and after screening tomo mammo & ultrasounds came back with a new mass and cluster of microcalcifications in left breast.

I’ve had 10 years of 6 month follow ups and 1 biopsy 7 years ago in upper outer left breast.

Meanwhile my MD has just retired and no new MD. Kindly the radiologist has called explaining things in a way that made me very nervous. not only biopsy the new cluster of coarse multi sized microcalcifications but he now wants to do a target ultrasound on a mass that appears not to be old cluster of cysts. If it looks odd to him during US he’ll do 2nd biopsy. I just had screening ultrasound 2 weeks ago and he sees the images - they were marked as birad3 come back on 6mos. Why the change? I hope he’s being paranoid. I should not try to interpret the images but i do see microcalcifications no only in mentioned cluster but in the mass - not on last mammo :-(

  • Should I look for a breast MD? is there such a thing?
  • aunt happens to be at end w/triple neg bc
  • any tips on what to ask?

last report from diagnostic mammo:

Finding 1: Recommend stereotactic biopsy for the left breast calcifications.

Finding 2: Upon further review, there is an 11 mm oval circumscribed mass in the left breast 1 o'clock 3 cm from the nipple. A cyst was previously noted at 12-1 o'clock but was 4 cm from the nipple. A targeted diagnostic ultrasound is recommended for further evaluation.

BI-RADS Category 4A:

Suspicious Abnormality


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 953

    Hi @arielmc , It's a tough situation when your doctor leaves and you are waiting for a replacement to be hired. That also happened to me right after my biopsy and diagnosis. I live in a rural area and it took 8 months before my new replacement PCP arrived. Knowing that things would move slowly and that my local hospital had only a couple of general surgeons on staff I decided to travel 100 miles to a large hospital with a dedicated breast cancer department.

    Since the chances of a BIRADS 4A finding being benign are excellent (90-98%) it is probably worth sticking with this helpful radiologist for the biopsy and ultrasound. It seems that he is just being very thorough, a good thing. Hopefully the pathology will be benign. If you need surgery find a larger practice with breast surgeons even though it might mean a long drive. The extra time and gas money was well worth the expert treatment. Let us know how the biopsy turns out. Hopefully all will be well with no further action required.


  • arielmc
    arielmc Member Posts: 3

    Thank you @maggie15 this is great advice and reminder that 4a is likely b9…