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Another biopsy, worried



I’m no stranger to having biopsies.

Back in 2011, I had an excisional biopsy for a papilloma that was causing discharge from my nipple. At that time, it was revealed that along with the papilloma, I had ADH. Initially, I was offered Tamoxifen, but due to a blood clotting disorder, my doctor said I wasn’t a candidate. At that time, I was on the watch and see what happens. Every six months, I went through the worry of is this the time that something will be revealed. At the time, my husband was in the military and we moved every few years. Somehow between moves and states, my every six month mammograms & ultrasounds turned into, “oh, it’s just ADH, you only need to be seen every year”.

Fast forward to 2020, something came up on my annual mammogram and ultrasound. I had a needle biopsy and was found to have another papilloma in my other breast. In November of 2022, I felt a lump. I went to my PCM, which she put in a referral to our local breast medicine doctor. I continued with my diagnostic mammograms & ultrasounds. I have very dense breast tissue and tons of cysts.
In March of this past year, they spent hours going through my breast tissue and the doctor said that she “thinks it should be fine”. My breast medicine doctor said when was your last breast MRI? I told her I’ve never had one. She said with my personal history and with my strong family history of breast cancer, that we needed to add this into my 6 month screening. My last mammogram & ultrasound was in March, so they scheduled me for my MRI in September. On September 7th, I had my breast MRI. The MRI revealed that I had two spots that “lit” up that needed an additional ultrasound to see what was going on. These spots were NOT on my mammogram or diagnostic ultrasound in March. This past Thursday, I went in for my ultrasound. They immediately found what was popping up on my MRI. These areas are very close together and are painful when you touch them. The doctor came in and said that I have two masses in my right breast. She said they have the characteristics of cancer and that we need to have these masses biopsied. I asked her if these could be cysts, since I have so many, and she said that these were definitely not cysts. I’m currently a BIRADS 4. They scheduled my biopsy for Friday of next week. I know I shouldn’t worry, but I’m a bit overwhelmed with being scared and worried. Not sure what to think.

Thank you for listening…I needed to just get it out to ladies that understand. God Bless you all. ❤️


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 942

    Hi @mcmommy , I'm sorry that you have the worry of another biopsy. BIRADS 4 has a wide range of 5% to 95% chance of being benign so this could still be another scare that will pass. The wait for the biopsy and the results is hard no matter how often you have done it. Try to stay busy to help keep your mind occupied. Come back and let us know what the results are. Here's hoping for benign!

  • mcmommy
    mcmommy Member Posts: 6

    @maggie15 Thank you so much for your encouragement. I’ll most definitely keep you posted.

  • bluesky1969
    bluesky1969 Member Posts: 80

    Not sure where to post about my latest from a PET scan report: "however, the right internal mammary lymphadenopathy is far more concerning, particularly given the patient's history, is highly suggestive of malignancy."

    I live in Vancouver BC. Biopsy on Tues am. Have been taking small doses of lorazepam all week.

    I looked up Internal Mammary Lymph Node on the boards but didn't see much. Maybe I'm too stoned haha

    I had a R Mx 2018, no chemo, no rads, Tamox for 3 yrs (couldn't tolerate), and 2 reconstruction surgeries.

    Pet Scan was Sept 7th.

    If positive, would that be considered mets? Please let me know which threads might be of assistance.

    Thank you ❤️