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In Remembrance of Nicolerod


Sadly, our beautiful nicolerod passed away Friday evening, September 22. She’d asked her friend, member beesy_the_other_one, to let us know. I’m just so sad and heartbroken over the news.


  • irishlove
    irishlove Member Posts: 493

    Nicolerod, may she rest in peace and may her family find comfort in knowing how much we loved her. She always supported everyone and I had so wished she had been able to have her son, daughter-in-law and grandson living close by and to make more memories with them.


  • alicia_en_madrid
    alicia_en_madrid Member Posts: 15
    edited September 2023

    My mom has recently been diagnosed with liver mets (she has been many years stage IV) and Nicole's contribution un the liver mets thread has been huge.

    She is pain free now but is it very sad.

    Thanks you, Nicole, for all the info you shared over the years.


  • candy-678
    candy-678 Member Posts: 4,102

    Rest in Peace, NicoleRod. She struggled so. None of her treatments lasted for very long. She is finally at peace from this awful disease.

  • divinemrsm
    divinemrsm Member Posts: 6,089

    I was always captured by Nicole’s fighting spirit, her perseverance. She did not want to go gently into the night. She sought treatment after treatment after treatment after treatment. The woman had so much class and was such a force even as she dealt daily with an aggressive, devastating disease. She left a lasting mark on my heart and I am so sad that she is gone; gone far too soon. May her beautiful, indomitable spirit rest in peace.

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,854

    As much as I usually dislike pugilistic terms to describe dealing with mbc, Nicole was definitely a fighter in every and best sense of the word. Rest well, Nicole.

  • elderberry
    elderberry Member Posts: 1,064

    What sad news to wake up to. Another bright light goes out. Since I joined BCO — she was always there, supportive, caring, sometimes funny, sometimes brutally honest. Good-bye, fly free, Nicole

  • aprilgirl1
    aprilgirl1 Member Posts: 769

    DivineMrsM, Thank you for sharing this sad info. Nicole was a force for sure. I came to learn that she was a great researcher and she was not afraid to try some alternative cancer fighters while she utilized the best traditional cancer treatment available. I remember a photo she posted from her son's wedding a couple of years ago and she was just beautiful. I know she was close to RRabbit, who we all miss dearly. I will picture them together in heaven, pain free. Rest in peace, Nicole.

  • smallmoments
    smallmoments Member Posts: 32

    I'm sorry to hear this news. Nicole was a consistent and strong presence on the boards when I was first diagnosed. She shared so much with us, her hopes, fears, frustration. I can only hope her last moments were peaceful and that her family can find some comfort in this very sad time.

  • olma61
    olma61 Member Posts: 1,025

    Rest in eternal peace, Nicole. You are missed. <3

    Thank you for letting us know, Beesie and DivineMrsM

  • snow-drop
    snow-drop Member Posts: 522

    It is sad to hear of Nicol's passing. I always admired her determination to explore new treatments and shared what she learned. It is so unfair that non of them worked for her. she will be missed 💔

    thanks Divine for starting this thread in Nicol's honor.

  • sf-cakes
    sf-cakes Member Posts: 544

    Love and prayers for nicolerod, may her soul be at peace. I love the thought of her and RRabbit together.

  • sondraf
    sondraf Member Posts: 1,603
    edited September 2023

    I remember back when I first joined how deep she seemed to be into shutting down pathways and trying new approaches, while chasing down her next treatments. She really was a force of nature trying to squeeze every last day out, but she knew when her time was up and appeared to have accepted the situation (on here at least).

    I also remember her saying at some point in late 2021 that she had long known that 22 was her number and that she would pass in 2022. I guess it really was her number after all, but just a lot longer than she thought :) I hope she was able to achieve her goals with her family and now can rest easy.

  • jsniffs
    jsniffs Member Posts: 136

    This is some sad news. Nicole contributed so much and will be missed. I miss her spunk and fighting spirit. Sending lots of love to her friends and family.

  • margaritams
    margaritams Member Posts: 183

    I'm so sad to hear this news about Nicolerod. She was relentless in her pursuit of a treatment that would give her more time but none of them worked for her for long enough. Nonetheless, she was supportive and helpful to others and cheered for those who had better luck with treatments. My condolences to her family and to everyone whose life she touched.

  • jhl
    jhl Member Posts: 174

    Nicole has been on my mind since she said goodbye on BCO. I wish her family comfort in the days ahead and I wish to embrace her strength and dignity in my own future.