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Free Genetic Counseling through eReach Study


Learn how you can receive free genetic counseling through Penn Medicine’s eReach program. If you live in the United States and you haven’t had genetic testing for a hereditary cancer syndrome, you may be eligible to receive free genetic counseling by participating in the eReach Study.

Why participate in the eReach Study?

eReach was designed to make genetic counseling and testing simple and convenient. 


Genetic testing is usually covered by insurance and our staff will help with any questions about costs.

Their genetic counselors can help you understand your results and provide support 

You can help them also find better ways to make sure all patients get easy access to counseling and testing AND access to target therapies.

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE?: Click Here to learn.

OTHER QUESTIONS?: You can speak with a member of the eReach study team to learn if you are eligible to participate, Send Email OR call: 215 662 2753

How does eReach work?

eReach is a research study that looks at how to best help patients understand and get genetic testing.

Genetic testing usually involves TWO meetings with a genetic counselor. These can be done by phone or videoconference in your home. 

The first meeting is to learn about testing options. The second visit is where you receive your results and how they impact your medical care.

Some patients who participate in eREACH can review a website with the same information that a genetic counselor would share. However, patients can always ask to speak with a genetic counselor if they wish.

What is the goal of the eREACH study?

To understand if web-based delivery of pre-test and/or post-test counseling (with the option to speak with a genetic counselor as needed) can provide easier access to genetic testing, faster results and still have equal outcomes to two counseling sessions with a genetic counselor. 

What are the study steps? 

All study steps can be done at home and in any state in the US.

STEP 1: complete study consent and a short survey

STEP 2: meet with a genetic counselor in your home by phone or videoconference (Arms A and B) OR complete by web (Arms C and D) and complete a short survey

STEP 3: complete your test kit or blood draw (at home or in the clinic)

STEP 4: meet with a genetic counselor in your home by phone or videoconference (Arms A and C) OR complete by web (Arms B and D) and complete a short survey

The genetic counselor will share your results with your cancer doctor so they are part of your cancer care. 



  • olma61
    olma61 Member Posts: 1,025
    edited October 2023

    I did this study and it worked out great for me!

    I wasn’t referred for genetic testing initially due to my age and BC subtype. Then, during COVID restrictions, my then-oncologist told me I should go but I would have had to travel a bit to the big medical center. I saw this study and was accepted and got my results and counseling all from the comfort of home. I even got a little gift card for participating and filling out all the surveys!

    Highly recommend this.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,173

    @olma61 thank you so much for sharing your experience!

  • murfy
    murfy Member Posts: 255

    I was also accepted into this study. I will be participating in the arm that includes two interviews with a genetic counselor before and after free genetic testing. Will have my first interview next week. I'm always happy to participate in and help scientific research, especially from the comfort of home.