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Enhancing duct and unspecified mass…thoughts?

txabby Member Posts: 8
edited October 2023 in Waiting for Test Results

Hi everyone! What a rollercoaster we are all on. Initially I bragged about how swiftly this all moves…until it stopped…now I’m not sure it would move if I didn’t push! But that’s not why I’m here right now :)

I started with clear nipple discharge maybe two months ago, maybe longer. Six weeks ago I had drops, then a big circle on my shirt and it then turned bloody. Now back to clear/pink.

9/12 - Gyno referred me to imaging

9/19 - negative mammo, US showed dialated duct with intraductal hypoechoic round mass. Referred to biopsy.

9/26 - Radiologist calls to say he can’t biopsy due to location. Super weird.

10/1 - Onc surgeon refers to contrast MRI.

10/11 - MRI done, results came in today.

**Here’s my point/question…MRI shows nothing new, yay!, but says “mild enhancing duct, no overt dilatation is demonstrated, and mass is not specifically identified.” What does this mean compared to the US? One says dialated while the other says no dilatation. (Similar but different words). And how is this the most sophisticated test yet still tells me nothing? Is it normal to just reference the mass as unspecified with zero info on its characteristics??

thanks for your thoughts!


  • obsolete
    obsolete Member Posts: 333
    edited October 2023

    Hi, sorry you've been stuck on a merry-go-round. Given your situation, I would recommend that you consider asking for a Wide Margin Excisional Biopsy OR seek a 2nd opinion elsewhere.

    MRI does not always identify certain small lesions, for example in papilloma & papillary family, but MRI remains a good pre-operative tool, although not always perfect. Best wishes.

  • txabby
    txabby Member Posts: 8

    @obsolete i will definitely ask questions about the biopsy. I wish they’d go straight to excision bc I’m pretty sure the mass has to come out either way.