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Experiencing itching/tingling/tickling sensation behind only one nipple

patti_c Member Posts: 1
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I cannot find much information on this, and have been experiencing this for the last 2-3 months and it happens frequently throughout each day. In the past, dense tissue has prompted my doc to follow up with repeat mammos. No other obvious symptoms are showing up. Have a mammo with ultrasound scheduled in a few weeks. Wondered if anyone else has experienced this.


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    Hi @patti_c, We're sorry you're having this uncomfortable situation. Glad you're getting the appropriate testing though. Have there been changes to your hormonal status? Are there visual changes (e.g. bumps, redness)? We hope you get this figured out soon!

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  • momgoose
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    I haven't been on these forums for a little bit (needed to take a break to just get back to normal life!) I had what you are experiencing, or at least what sounds very similar. I never felt a lump or noticed any external changes, but for months, I just had what I would describe as a very deep itching sensation on the left side only. I have a strong family history of breast cancer and had benign mammograms, but there was this nagging feeling that the itching wasn't normal, especially since it was only one-sided. Since my last mammogram report mentioned that I had dense breasts and could benefit from additional screening via ultrasound or MRI, I brought it up with my regular doctor and he agreed to order the MRI screening (at my request).

    Long story short, the MRI found very early-stage ductal cell carcinoma in my left breast (stage 1, grade 1A) and I opted for a double mastectomy (there was some question about an area on the right side, but it was in a difficult spot to biopsy (although they tried multiple times!) so I decided I would just rather not have to take a chance on that also being cancer and had both removed.

    I hope you've had a chance to talk to your doctor about this symptom. It was quite literally my ONLY symptom. There was never a lump that anyone could feel. The mammograms could not see anything. It took ultrasound and MRI to detect that early stage cancer and I am so very grateful I got it checked out. I hope everything goes well for you!