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lightroad20 Member Posts: 2
edited October 2023 in Waiting for Test Results

Just received routine ultrasound saying they see a new hypoechoic mass. Just had a clean MRI in April. Not much info on report except mammo said no sign of malignancy. I’m just confused how US says one thing and mammo says other (no mention of mass). Wondering if anyone else has had this. Anyone have a benign hypoechoic mass of so what was it?


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    Hello @lightroad20, and welcome to!

    We know that receiving mixed reports can be quite disconcerting, but it is important to remember that a benign mass is a possibility. Many benign conditions can appear as hypoechoic masses on ultrasounds. Hope other members of our community who have experienced a similar situation can provide insights about this type of finding. In the meantime, we would recommend you take a look at this discussion for those worried about a test result or interpreting image results: For ALL Not Diagnosed Newbies: Imaging & Common Symptoms FAQs

    We hope this helps. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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  • lightroad20
    lightroad20 Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2023

    Thank you. Went back today and was told “complicated cyst” follow up in 6 months.

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    @lightroad20 - We're glad to hear that it's a complicated cyst, and it's great that they're planning a follow-up in 6 months to monitor it. Please know that we're here for you if you ever need us!

    Best wishes,

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