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For ALL Not Diagnosed Newbies: Imaging & Common Symptoms FAQs

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Our very helpful member djmammo has taken the time to research and put together some extremely helpful information for all newbies who find themselves here, worried about a symptom, a test result, or interpreting image results.

Please take a moment to read through the thread links applicable to your situation below. Many times, reading these threads first will help answer your questions without having to share your specific situation. Feel free however to post any additional questions you may have, either on the thread that applies to your question, or on a new thread in the Not Diagnosed but Worried forum.

We hope this helps, and again, BIG THANKS to djmammo for putting these together!

How to Read a Mammogram:

How to Read a Mammogram Part 2

For additional information, please see our pages on Benign Breast Conditions, and Screening and Testing.