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Which implant is better?


Hi there,

I was diagnosed in 2019 on right side, mastectomy was one and then implant was placed( silicon, mentor textured). After few weeks of implant placed I have some pressure and puffiness on side where implant was placed but I was told that it will go way as I heal and I took it positive and it has reduced as well. I may be over sensitive as it was foreign part.

Even after 4 years I still feel pressure, heaviness when I do long drive in car or I take long flight or spend much time in sun. But that is still bearable and I can manage.

Now this month I diagnosed on left side - luck is not in favor, what to do….:(

I met with plastic surgeon and I was suggested replace on both side silicon implant without textured. I was told that textured may cause some of side effects and life is 10 Years and again I may have to go to surgery. There are options which has more longevity like 30 to 40 years or so and i was offered to place new implant on on both side.

Here are some dellima, I have and not able to find answer in this tuff time.

  1. Should I do on both side as I manageable problem with right side?
  2. If I go with implant on both side which brand, type is better? As I want to avoid future surgery as I am almost over with 5 years life on right side implants.

If anybody has any suggestions please provide details or share experience. It will really help.

Thanks everyone.



  • bcincolorado
    bcincolorado Member Posts: 4,710

    It may depend on you and your feelings overall. I am one-sided as well and did the same thing so I am "lopsided" at this point. Of course PS wanted to do reduction and "llft and reduce so they would match overall but I wanted to be "me on that side. Now at this point in my life I am almost 63 and really do not care at this point. Do I want more surgery NO. If cancer comes back again I would kind mind have to wonder how aggressive I would be willing to treat it as well on my non-cancer side. I get my scans done still and was compliant in treatment and did all my hormonal meds. Still see oncologist even twice a year or so I think at this point. Surgery again though forget it. Life is too short for that and if it bothers me I wear stuff it does not matter anyway. I rarely even wear a bra at this point in most clothes when I am out an no one knows. Just in certain clothes do I put one on.

  • tdpan2023
    tdpan2023 Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for response @bcincolorado