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Phyllodes Tumor Diagnosis Advice


I had a lumpectomy of a benign phyllodes tumor with clear margins on 6/14/23 followed by a bilateral breast reduction on 6/22/23. On 10/19/23 I had an ultrasound of a new lump that I found in August of 2023. An irregular hypoechoic solid lesion was identified, but the findings were indeterminant so a needle biopsy is recommended.  The lump is not on the scar line so I'm assuming I can rule out scar tissue.  It sounds like a needle biopsy makes sense for next steps since it could simply be a fat necrosis.  I'd just like to avoid the time and cost of a needle biopsy if I'm going to end up needing this thing surgically removed in the end.  But I also don't want an unnecessary surgery.  Any suggestions or advice on next steps would be much appreciated.  I have the needle biopsy scheduled for 10/30/23.


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    Hi ckurtt, So sorry you're going through this. Typically a biopsy would precede a full excision, but you should certainly ask your doctor if that is an option. Likely they will want to know what they are dealing with to make the best decision. We are routing for you that it's only a fat necrosis!

    Please keep us posted!
    Warmly, Your Mods

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    Thank you so much for your response and kind words. A core needle biopsy was done on 10/30/23. Pathology results were consistent with benign breast tissue with fat necrosis, which was concordant with imaging.

    I’m grateful that my Phyllodes Tumor was benign and that this new lump is not a PT. I’m still going to meet with a doctor at the Mayo who specializes in Phyllodes Tumors so I can be educated about future screenings.

    I really appreciate the support from this community!