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Axillary region soft tissue


Left lumpectomy 2/23 and the radiation

Months later, and I’m dealing with a chronic bronchitis cough. I had a Chest CT with contrast this past weekend. They ruled out a pulmonary embolism- due to other symptoms I have with the cough.

The radiologist reported:

“Soft tissue density that has increased size compared with the prior examination. There is also somewhat ill-defined soft tissue density in this left axillary region.”

I cannot figure out what this means. They’ve advised further imaging and I’m already scheduled for a Breast MRI b/c of onset on nipple inversion and pain on lumpectomy breast.

Any one have this issue come up?


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    @littlebear11, we understand how you feel about these findings. It's positive that you have further imaging scheduled, and the breast MRI is an excellent step to get more detailed information. The waiting is terrible, we know, but in the meantime, we hope you get responses from other members who have had similar experiences to help ease your concerns.

    Please, come back to let us know how you're doing. We're thinking of you!

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  • littlebear11
    littlebear11 Member Posts: 5

    Thank you.

    The Durham VA breast clinic has ordered a new ultrasound and mammogram to focus on the axillary area. I should have that scheduled and done within the next two weeks.

    My breast MRI is Nov 9th and the I meet with the breast surgeon on the 17th and the doll week I will see my oncologist.

    This coming weekend I will be having a great time with two outings with my hubby.

    We were fired two free tickets to WheelofFortune Live for Friday night and then to see Matthew West live on Sunday.

    This will definitely help me focus on fun and not breast cancer.

  • cookie54
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    @littlebear11 Sorry this axillary density is being annoying but glad your doc ordered the Ultrasound. I did not have a ill-defined mass in axilla but had a recurrence of breast cancer in the lymph nodes of axilla. Ultrasound is frequently used for imaging axillary nodes and soft tissue masses. They will be able to get a better idea as to whether it's a large node, cyst, mass etc.

    So glad you have a fun weekend planned, great distraction, enjoy! Sending good vibes and positivity your way for your upcoming tests.