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Waiting for results of Biopsy for Melanoma


I finished tx for HR- Her2+ BC in November 2022. I just had a dark, very small mole biopsied. Im waiting for results. Im also at the one year mark to do scans.

I was doing so well but now Im terrified again. I have so much anxiety. I feel like Im worse now than 2 years ago. I cant get past the fear that cancer is going to kill me sooner rather than later. Its a sad place to be.

Thanks for listening.



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    @nikko1963, we know waiting is one of the hardest parts. If you can, keep yourself busy in the next few days to distract yourself from the worst and come here if you need to vent. We're here for you!

    Good luck, and please keep us posted on how it goes!

    The Mods