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Pain/Pink Skin/Brown discharge

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I am 42 years old. After several nights of drinking alcohol in a row (not sure if this is related or not), I woke up with somewhat localized unilateral breast pain. This was about 8 days ago. This occasionally happens to me, so I didn't think too much about it. Two days later the pain was still there and I noticed a light pink portion of the skin on my breast extending out from the areola. It almost looked like mastitis, but I haven't breastfed for 7 and a half years (and I'm a non-smoker).

I did what you're not supposed to do, and I squeezed my breast and breast discharge literally shot out of it. Then when I pressed the area, brown discharge started leaking out from several ducts.

After that, the pain started clearing up and the pink skin went away. Now, my breast looks normal and feels pretty much normal. My nipped is still slightly tender. There is no spontaneous discharge at all and I haven't tried squeezing it again.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to discuss this. I figure if my symptoms improved, it's likely nothing horrible, but it's all a little weird.

I had my annual mammogram three months ago and all was fine (although I have extremely dense tissue, so who knows). I had a diagnostic mammogram/ultrasound on that breast 11 months ago after feeling a small, smooth, round lump and was diagnosed with a cyst. They also told me I had an enlarged milk duct on that side.

I should add that I've also been told I have fibrocystic breasts.


  • exbrnxgrl
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    Excellent that you have a doctors appointment tomorrow! This will, hopefully, set your mind at ease. Take care.,

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    Hi @k1221,

    Just checking in to see how your appointment went. Sending good vibes to you!

    —The Mods

  • k1221
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    Thank you for asking. By the time I went to the doctor, everything was back to normal. She did a physical exam and did not feel any lumps or bumps. She said that given the fact that I was just given a mammogram/ultrasound less than a year ago and another screening mammogram 3 months ago, that I could just keep a watchful eye on it. She said if I didn't feel comfortable with that, she was more than happy to schedule a mammogram/ultrasound.

    I personally feel okay with waiting and seeing what happens. If I feel differently in a few weeks and it starts to worry me, she said to call her and make another appointment (even if there are no physical changes).

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    That's great news, @k1221! Thank you for letting us know!