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Imaging Tests for Lobular Breast Cancer


Imaging Tests for Lobular Breast Cancer

Nov 9, 2023

Maxine Jochelson, MD, explains the imaging tests for lobular breast cancer, as well as why lobular disease is harder to see on mammograms.

Lobular breast cancer is cancer that starts in the lobules, the glands in the breast that produce milk. Lobular breast cancer is the second most common breast cancer, accounting for about 10% of breast cases in the United States. Lobular breast cancer doesn’t always form a lump and can spread to areas of the body different from ductal breast cancer, such as the abdominal lining or the tissue around the kidneys or the eyes.

Listen to the podcast to hear Dr. Jochelson explain:

  • why lobular breast cancer is harder to see on mammograms
  • the imaging tests used to figure out if lobular breast cancer has spread
  • the difference between a FES PET scan and a FDG PET scan

Listen now or read the transcript.