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Going for second mammogram plus u/s on Fri.


I am such a wreck over this. Went for routine mammogram…I have had at least 10 routine annual mammograms with zero issues. Never any comment about dense breasts or anything. At this one, the radiologist stopped me after the usual views and said, oh wait, I need to do one more view of the left side. A tiny alarm went off in my head because that had never happened before, but then I pretty much forgot about it. Until the next day, when I received an email and a phone call. Another mammogram and ultrasound are needed to look at the left breast due to “asymmetry.” The appt. was scheduled for 8 days out and I have been on edge ever since.

Under FINDINGS, the report says “asymmetry seen only on MLO view at posterior depth”. Also, “there are scattered areas of fibroglandular density.”

I don’t feel any lumps, and just had annual gyn exam with breast exam about two months ago.

Anyone with a similar experience? I spent way too much time reading through experiences here late last night, so glad this resource is here.


  • exbrnxgrl
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    Without a doubt this is a stressful situation. But right now, you know very little with certainty so what might help is to try to focus on what you know, period. Call backs for diagnostic mammos or ultrasounds , usually trying to get a better view of the area in question, are very common! And that is about all you know right now. It is frustrating because there is no definitive answer and you want one but the process unfolds, albeit too slowly for most, and you will have some answers shortly. I don’t have stats but it’s my understanding the majority of folks in similar situations do not end up being dx’ed with breast cancer. Dr. Google is not a good diagnostician so I’d stay away from him. I would also caution that bc is quite variable between individuals, so one person’s experience may be quite different from another’s, even if they look the same on paper.

    No one can make you promises but chances weigh heavily in favor of not having bc so don’t leap to worst case scenarios because you are very, very far from that point. Take care

  • needs.a.nap
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    Hi @mushroom920. I’m so sorry you are going through this anxiety filled wait for your next mammogram and ultrasound. I too was called back last year after my screening mammogram to have another mammogram and ultrasound on my left breast because of “nodular densities” (so, a different finding than yours) and it ended up being a benign microcyst that they checked again 6 months later and it was still fine. (But then I felt a brand new lump in my right side this spring that ended up being cancer … so my experience is totally different than yours but it can be benign like mine was on my left side). Thankfully the majority of callbacks from mammograms do end up being benign findings. As @exbrnxgrl said, no one can make you any promises … I really wish we could assure you not to worry, that it’s definitely nothing but we can’t make that promise. There is a chance all is well and this will be only a scare. We hope that is the case for you!! I’m wishing you a calm heart for these next few days as you wait for answers. Please let us know how it turns out.

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    Welcome @mushroom920, we're sorry you find yourself here with this worry! We know how stressful and overwhelming it can be. We echo what both Exbrnxgrl and Needs.a.nap have said, worrying at this stage is likely premature but we know it's impossible not to worry! Please do keep us posted on how it goes, we're thinking of you.

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