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Asymmetries with Architectural Distortion help

A someone help me decipher and maybe there’s someone who can relate?? Super worried after reading about this stuff..

FINDINGS: The breast tissue is extremely dense, which lowers the sensitivity of mammography. RIGHT BREAST There is an asymmetry with possible associated architectural distortion in the mid aspect of the inferior breast. Additional imaging is recommended. The remaining fibroglandular pattern is stable. No significant change is noted in numerous scattered and grouped calcifications. LEFT BREAST There are asymmetries in the inferior and lateral. Additional imaging is recommended. No significant change is noted in numerous scattered and grouped calcifications..


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    Hi kerrianne, We are sorry you find yourself worrying. It's always extremely unnerving when we need additional imaging. It's really difficult for anyone to provide advice, except to say that it's not unusual and most breast findings are benign. Try to take one day at a time. We're all here for you!
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    @kerrianne, just checking in on you! Have you gotten any more information or direction?

    —The Mods

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    Thanks for checking… not really they called me and I have an appointment Dec 8th for a diagnostic mamm and maybe an ultrasound so more waiting :/