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Trodelvy - Looking for positive feedback


Good morning everyone! I have been fighting this battle since 2004 when diagnosed with Stage 2 B breast cancer with metastasis to one node out of 15. After a partial mastectomy and taking Arimidex for 8 years, was in remission until 2019 until it came back with a vengeance to a Stage 4 with mets to my bones and a lesion in my kidney (stable). I have been taking a variety of oral agents over the past couple of years until they were no longer effective when my scan results showed mets to the liver and omentum. For the past several months I have been on IV Enhurtu with great success but unfortunately now this drug is failing. I will be starting Trodelvy this Friday and hopefully would love hear of feedback about this drug. I am concerned about the diarrhea, but I had that with Enhurtu as well and have managed that well with Lomotil. I am nervous to beat the band…argh!!!


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    Hi @kassjanine, and welcome to the community! We're sorry you had to find us for this reason, but glad you did and decided to share your story. We understand the concerns and nervousness that come with trying a new treatment. We hope that other members will soon join in, sharing their own experiences and support. In the meantime, we wanted to invite you to our weekly Zoom meetups for MBC, a virtual get-together where you can ask questions in real-time, as well as hear about similar experiences from others. In case you might be interested, click the blue link for more information.

    Hope this helps! Wishing you the best for this new phase of treatment.

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