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6 month breast MRI


Hi! I am 46 with history of total hysterectomy. I’m not on any hormone treatments. I have not been diagnosed with breast cancer, but I have had 2 left breast biopsies, both which came back Fibroadenoma. I go back at the end of December for my 6 month MRI f/u. The first MRI had allll the characteristics of cancer….washout, irregular borders, etc…. BIRADS 4. My lymph nodes were “fluffy” on the left side as well, but they weren’t biopsied because they looked “fine” on the ultrasound. Has anyone went back for 6 month f/u MRI, only to find out you do have breast cancer?? I have a lot of aches in my left arm and breast area that has been going off and on since April 2023. My heart has been checked, so it’s not that. Also, has been progressively getting worse in the last 6 months. Has anyone else have this happen? Thank you so much!


  • mandy23
    mandy23 Member Posts: 113

    Hi @ldrutter !

    First of all, what happened to me is not necessarily what will happen to you. It may very well be fibroadenomas. That being said, if you are having pain, you definitely need someone to follow up on that. It sounds like you are scheduled to have another MRI, so hopefully that will provide either some further answers or some idea on how to follow-up.

    What happened to me (with my most recent dx) was I had a negative breast biopsy. However, they also didn't think it was a fibroadenoma. So….that led the radiologist to be concerned about what it was? They finally had me come back in 6 months….(in the meantime I had another biopsy on another spot which was benign—and it truly was, but that's another story). In 6 months, it had grown slightly, so they did another biopsy and this time it came back as b.c.

    So, take it one step at a time. The good news might be that if it hasn't grown at all, likely it's either not b.c. or a very slow growing one.

    Not having answers is so hard. Try and stay calm and hopefully you can have the MRI soon which will maybe provide some further answers. Since they are having a hard time finding anything, likely it either is NOT b.c. or it's very small, which usually means a good prognosis. Know that there are many treatment options available even if it does turn out to be malignant.

    Take a deep breath and take things as they come.

    You may be worrying yourself over nothing.

    Take care.

  • moderators
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    Welcome, @ldrutter, we're sorry you find yourself here! We know how worrisome this can all be. We second what @mandy23 said, try and stay calm (easier said than done, we know!). We hope the follow-up MRI offers more insight into what is going on, please do keep us posted.

    The Mods

  • ldrutter
    ldrutter Member Posts: 2

    @mandy23 Thank you for the response! I go December 22 for my 6 month breast MRI f/u. I have definitely had an increase in pain/aches on the left side in the last 6 months. I’m concerned as to why they didn’t biopsy lymph nodes since the MRI shown concerning results, especially since they were “fluffy “ on the ultrasound. Praying the next MRI is good!