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Poll: How do you manage brain fog?


Many people who are receiving breast cancer treatment say they have issues remembering, thinking, and concentrating during and after treatment. People commonly call these issues chemo brain or chemo fog, while doctors call these issues cognitive impairment or cognitive problems. It’s important to note that people who receive hormonal therapy may also have memory problems.

Some people may have trouble with:

  • learning new tasks
  • remembering names
  • paying attention and concentrating
  • finding the right words
  • multitasking
  • organizing thoughts
  • making decisions
  • remembering where things are, such as keys or glasses

More than 75% of people diagnosed with breast cancer say they have cognitive problems during chemotherapy. In some cases, people can have cognitive problems several years after completing chemotherapy.

Take our poll below to tell us how YOU manage brain fog, and share in the thread to expand on your answer.

More information:

Poll: How do you manage brain fog? 5 votes

Exercising regularly
mkestrel 1 vote
Playing brain games such as word or number puzzles
livethedreamcat367 2 votes
Taking supplements
trishyla1 1 vote
Practicing neurofeedback therapy
Listening to music
wintercollin 1 vote
Using medical cannabis
Meditating or other stress-reducing activities
Using online mental exercise programs, such as BrainHQ
Stretching your mind by testing yourself with remembering phone numbers or family birthdays
Other -- please share below!