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Skin Mets?

I have a red mark on my port scar for at least two weeks. It has not healed with corticosteroid for the past few days. The doctor does not think it is Mets. I’m planning to continue the corticosteroid before I go back to the doctor. It looks like the attached picture. Any chance it could be anything but Mets?

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  • guoguo_1985
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  • exbrnxgrl
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    Even if the mods had not removed the photo, no one here can or should give any diagnosis or even guess if you have skin mets. Not only are we not doctors but more importantly we are not your doctor so it would be extremely irresponsible for any of us to venture a guess. That being said, skin mets are not usual with breast cancer. Not impossible (we do have some members with skin mets) but far less common. Your skin, whether on the breasts or anywhere else, is subject to all kinds of bumps, rashes, marks, etc. and most are not cancer. For now follow your doctor’s treatment plan and pursue the issue further if it doesn’t clear up. Take care

    PS: Full disclosure ; I did see your pic before it was removed. I doubt that even a doctor would have been able to “diagnose “ anything based on the photo. Again, your skin is capable of manifesting many conditions that are not cancer.

  • luck2468
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    Just for future reference, this was a scarring/ inflammation and not skin mets as per the biopsy.

  • exbrnxgrl
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    Great news! I am so happy it turned out well.