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Another lump, this time right breast.


I was diagnosed with an intraductal papilloma in my left breast in 2020. It was removed completely and biopsied. Ever since I have done monthly self exams. A few days before my period when I was getting into the shower, I noticed, in the mirror a slight dent when I was raising my arms. I briefly examined the area but could not feel anything other than some dense breast tissue which can be normal around my cycle on what is considered the seventh day of my cycle is when I do my monthly exams. Well, I can feel a lump in my right breast in a very similar spot to my interductal papilloma that was in my left breast. It also feels very similar to what I remember in 2020. Thankfully, just in two weeks is my annual check up.

As someone with health anxiety I remind myself it’s most likely nothing but I dread the unknown and the waiting.