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Looking for recommendations for plastic surgeons in Massachusetts



I am looking for recommendations for plastic surgeons in Massachusetts. I had my last reconstruction 8 years ago and have since lost a lot of weight (99 lbs!). My implant has become so uncomfortable, I think it’s time to address this issue. My prior PS has moved out of state so any help is appreciated.

I had a unilateral mastectomy with reconstruction on the right & and a reduction/lift on the left. I had radiation on my cancer affected side, I am unsure what surgery I am interested in, all I know is I am done feeling this awful pain!!

thanks in advance!


  • lillyishere
    lillyishere Member Posts: 773

    My PS is Justin Broyles MD. I am very happy with the work he has done. In 2 months, it will be 4 years since i had breast reconstruction.