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Intermittent dosing of aromatase inhibitors (AI) to improve tolerance in post-menopausal women


An interesting study. I'm hopeful!

Abstract P1-12-15: Intermittent dosing of aromatase inhibitors (AI) to improve tolerance in post-menopausal women 

Clinical rationale: A significant proportion of post-menopausal, patients treated with AI reports side-effects, especially bone pain. In such patients, the difficulties to treat pain and to clearly identify its causes may lead to treatment discontinuation. Individual cases reported an improvement in AI tolerance when dosage is reduced. The aim of this work was thus to analyse pharmacological data in order to validate this concept ie. ensuring that intermittent dosing would not result in a possibly deleterious under-dosing of AI.

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  • recoveringbelle
    recoveringbelle Member Posts: 23

    FINALLY! I'd toyed w/ submitting an article to a smaller journal about this.

    I must have reviewed 100 studies and 50 conf presentations, and the ways male endocrine therapy is discussed, vs female, is profoundly sexist. MULTIPLE examples. One could easily rip apart two prominent studies that dismiss women's concerns about adverse effects as being profoundly sexist in how they interpret the data and how they even set up the study in the first place.

    I've never seen such studies on how men respond to adverse effects. Instead, intermitten androgen deprivation therapy is set up for guys because, God forbid, they can't lose their erections. Meanwhile, women are functionally disabled and gaslighted that they aren't, w/ an insistence that no measures can be taken to titrate endocrine therapy for women, and no no-cost measures taken to further reduce their risk.

    Instead, women are inventing their symptoms and causing them b/c of negative expectation. Women patients are disobedient, mentally ill, and attention-seeking who must take our drugs at all costs. Men's emotions are so important as to warrant immediate intervention while WOMEN (I kid you not) host shows on how to help men deal with such awful side effects.

  • mavericksmom
    mavericksmom Member Posts: 1,246

    Interesting study, but doubt it will change things.

    I don't think AI's are worth serious side effects, but then I had breast cancer three times in 20 years, all new cancers, not recurrences, in both breasts. I am on Letrozole, no side effects and follow my MO's recommendations. Key words, NO Side Effects!

    Recoveringbelle, I agree!

  • brutersmom
    brutersmom Member Posts: 927

    To many women quit these drugs because of side effects. I had both emotional issues and back pain that was so bad, I walked bent over. That was almost 9 years ago and the Dr. Told me to learn tknlive with it. I am one of the women who quit. I stopped because of pain and my desire to hurt others or myself. When I was put back on it last because if distant mets by 3 months I was put on medication so I could tolerate the drugs. One Dr. Told me she finds every other day helps but this hospital will not allow here to use that dosing schedule because it is not proven.

  • pinkrules
    pinkrules Member Posts: 97

    My oncologist read about a new study for Exemestane. That taking it three days a week is just as effective as taking it daily. I'm trying it this week.