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Needle biopsy today for mama


Update and catch up from this thread

Unsurprising, but I didn't get a ton of great sleep last night. This morning is my Mom's CT guided needle biopsy on the lung.

I find myself nervous, although it's a supposedly routine procedure. My Mom is in her 70s, so…even the most routine of procedures could incur complications. But, reading through this board of other people whom have had this needle biopsy done, and come out the other side, did give me some comfort.

It didn't start out on the best note. The weather turned here overnight- snow, and more concerning, iced roads. So, it took my Mom and Dad 1 hour to make the normally-25 minute drive. So, I am sure both their stress levels were quite heightened. And, right before a procedure, I am not sure is the best time to have a high stress level.

My plan/intention was to go to the hospital, too. But, my Dad was going with her, so I decided it would be good to sort of hold down the fort for them. To be at their house, just in case they needed anything. Just in case I had to look any information up or whatever the case may be.

My second plan/intention was to join them over at the hospital while my Mom was in recovery. They told her it would be 4-5 hour recovery time. But, considering the weather and state of the roads…I'd probably never hear the end of it if I did. So, now, I just sit and wait.

I arrived at their house just as they were leaving, and I confess…I didn't know what to do with myself, so…I did nothing. I wanted to hug my Mom and tell her I love her. But…I also didn't want to make a big deal out of it, and make it some emotionally tolling experience. So, I just waved in a "See ya when I see ya" sort of way. Sort of a "no big deal" kind of thing. I guess it was my way of seeming calm. And hoping my calmness would translate to Mom as well.

It's been a little over an hour since the procedure was scheduled to start, assuming it started on time. I haven't heard anything. I know they say no news is good news, but in cases like this….no news can be quite torturous.

All of this. And that's before we even have results yet. Of course, obviously, the results are the only thing that matter, in the end. I find myself hoping that we get similar results as I've seen from other people on this forum- scar tissue maybe. Or inflammation of some sort. A fatty deposit.

I would appreciate all your thoughts, prayers, and/or positive vibes. Thank you.