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Micromets in sentinel lymph node



I was wondering if anyone has had similar situation. I am 49 and premenopausal with HR+ HER2 - IDC with micromet found in 1 sentinel lymph node removed . The MO refused to do Oncotype due to RX ponder study and is recommending chemo. Anyone with similar situation who decided to be treated per oncotype score and ovarian suppression with aromatase inhibitor? Scared of chemo side effects for small benefit when ovarian suppression maybe chemo benefit seen in study.



  • kaynotrealname
    kaynotrealname Member Posts: 422

    It doesn't surprise me really. If you're under 50 with mets in your lymph nodes, most research supports doing chemotherapy. Over 50 is where you can still possibly skip it.

  • dixonsmiley
    dixonsmiley Member Posts: 1

    Similar situation and will likely pay for the oncotype DX out of pocket if I can get the MO to order it. I will be basing my decision for chemo on that. My plan is to have ovaries removed and be on AI for whatever is recommended. I will be doing radiation and I have already done MammaPrint report and it came back as No Significant Benefit from Chemo (less than or equal to 1.5% benefit).

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,287

    Good on you for advocating for yourself, @dixonsmiley, to get the information you need to feel comfortable with your treatment plan moving forward. Please keep us up-to-date as you get more information. ❤️