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MBC and working

fighter00 Member Posts: 20

Hello sisters

I’m new here and just diagnosed stageIV. Has anyone with this stage and still working?? I am a RN and single mother and I have to take care of my 11 years old daughter😭😭


  • aprilgirl1
    aprilgirl1 Member Posts: 743

    Fighter00, I'm sorry you are here :/ . I was dx stage IV in November of 2019 and I work full time . I am a real estate broker and am self employed . When I was dx my oncologist told me to see how I felt on the medication before making any "big changes " like quitting my job . I followed her advice and am happy to tell you that once I got used to the meds (ibrance and fulvestrant ) I feel pretty normal and am not too fatigued to work and enjoy life . I work a lot of hours and have kids, like you but my kids are older (now 24 and 26).

    However, it's not the same for all of us . You might want to see if your employer offers any long term disability or other benefits where you can work less hours but not take a huge hit in income . If you work for a hospital or corp they may have someone in HR that can help you find out what options you might have .

    Hang in there !

  • doodler
    doodler Member Posts: 34

    I was recently diagnosed at stage 4 and plan to work as long as I can. I have a desk job though. I've just started meds so I can't predict what the side effects will be, or how my symptoms might impact me. I'm 51.

    I'm cutting back expenses right now though, in case circumstances put me in a situation of needing long term disability, or perhaps medical retirement, down the road. I figure that I might as well get into the retirement mindset in case it happens. I've been with the same employer for 25 years.

  • cure-ious
    cure-ious Member Posts: 2,705
    edited January 24

    Hi Doodler, I happily continued working for five years after MBC (head to toe Er+PR- bone mets) and then retired basically because of the Covid shut down. I think it was critical to having a sense of normalcy, I did not tell folks at work because I wanted to be treated as usual, and that worked great.

    During that time, I read of a woman who died of metastatic colon cancer just a year after she had been hired as president of a middle-sized college, and considered that she may well have known of the seriousness of her disease at the time she took the job, but decided nevertheless to take a chance and live out her dream.

  • fighter00
    fighter00 Member Posts: 20

    Thank you ladies

    I’m happy to see all of you continue to work after MBC. That’s my only fear

  • aprilgirl1
    aprilgirl1 Member Posts: 743

    @fighter00 I want to emphasize that I'm working and feel almost "normal " . Like Cure-ious mentioned, it helps me keep a sense of normalcy. I love my job and like to be busy . I have been able to slow down a bit and take more vacations (despite Covid !) .

    It took me a few months to get my "new normal sea legs " with this treatment. I recommend you give yourself grace , as I'm sure you know :) Now that I am in this club I am amazed at how many stage IV women are out there working and living life.

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,644

    Though I am now retired, I worked for ten years after my mbc dx. I looked fine and felt relatively well so I in no way considered myself disabled by bc. I also adored my job*, and would saw no reason not to work.

    Clearly whether one works or not at stage IV depends on your overall health and how treatment affects you. If you like your job and you are able to keep working, why not?
    * I was a teacher and I still sub a couple of days a week.

  • anotherone
    anotherone Member Posts: 541

    work part time