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Options for reconstruction when you've had radiation previously

jonib Member Posts: 94

I have breast cancer for the third time but had lumpectomy and radiation with prior breast cancer. I am having consults with plastic surgeons for DIEP surgery. For the second time this week, my husband has asked me if there are any other options (don't think he realized how large a surgery this is). I previously told him the Goldilocks method (which I am not interested in) or going flat. The failure rate for implants when a woman has already had radiation is very high and most doctors do not recommend it but I told him to ask the next doctor we consult with next week. Are there any other options anyone can think of? I don't think so.


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    Hi @jonib! If you want to read this article from our main site until you receive responses from other members, we thought you might find it helpful: How Does Radiation Affect Breast Reconstruction?
    Please, come back to let us know what you learn from the next doctor!

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  • herb
    herb Member Posts: 65

    @jonib I had lumpectomy and radiation in 2015. I am doing masectomy with expanders currently. I am having some minor issues but not a failure and not anything that would make me want a diep flap. You can check my comments on other threads about my journey so far. I have 1 more expansion and then 3 months to exchange