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What is the best DIM supplement?

pinkrules Member Posts: 97
edited February 3 in Alternative Medicine

I'm researching diindolylmethane (DIM), trying to find the best brand name, there are so many. Recommendations by your doctors would be highly appreciated. Thank you!


  • mabellean
    mabellean Member Posts: 34

    Hi Pink Rules!

    What brand did you settle on for your DIM choice?

    I too am interested. Also researching Turkey Tail Mushroom to inhibit tumor growth.

    My system cannot tolerate Letrozole or Tamoxifen. My heart simply is too weak. (See sig. block)

    My new oncologist and cardiologist of record agree on this.

    I tried looking on The People's Pharmacy and and didn't get any definitive leads on either.

    Use DUCK DUCK GO and BRAVE Search Engines for key words:

    DIM Dindolylmethane breast cancer

    ~ Mabe

  • maryjc
    maryjc Member Posts: 64

    Hello! So happy to have found this thread. I have a bottle right now but have not started it. I'm hoping it will help with menopausal weight gain. But having had an estrogen positive tumor, anything that has to do with hormones concerns me.

  • mabellean
    mabellean Member Posts: 34

    Agreed MaryJC.

    I have just started taking a daily DIM Supplement Capsule and a Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsule as a part of my prevention regime. Look for NOW and Life Extension products as possible selections.

    ALWAYS do your own research!

    Using DUCK DUCK GO and BRAVE Search Engines for key words:

    DIM Dindolylmethane breast cancer

    Turkey Tai breast cancer

    I cannot take aromatase inhibitor (Letrozole) / SHIRM (Tamoxifen) as their side effects far too impactful to my weak circulatory system and they gave me Peripheral Neuropathy. Both my now oncologist and cardiologist of record agreed with this decision. I must make sure I receive BI-ANNUAL 3 D Mammography, Sonogram, and MRI Screenings.

    One must realize all are unique because of our God-given DNA and constitutionally effected needs and make the very best decisions in our treatment. It is crucial to assemble a treatment team who speak as one for our very best decision making that make physical and psychological welfare.

    I hope all realize since COVID that cancers are in turbo mode that remaining on an exacting screening schedule can lead to the earliest detection possible.