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Uterine Thickening after D&C

ab45 Member Posts: 153

Good Evening,

I have been on tamoxifen for almost three years. I have had one D&C for thick uterine lining now a year later, I am here again waiting on biopsy results from endometrial biopsy. Have any tamoxifen users been through this? What was the outcome??



  • everythingwillbefine
    everythingwillbefine Member Posts: 35
    edited February 6


    I had the same issue

    i was on tomaxifen for 3 years and my lining was too thick and I also had a polyp. I had D&C and everything was fine.

    good luck and you will be fine!

  • ab45
    ab45 Member Posts: 153

    Did you have repeated D&C? I have already had one and now a year later it is thick again ...not a little thick but like almost 30 and 5 is the baseline...