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Critical Illness and Life Insurance - Recommendations for British Columbia, Canada

waitingaway Member Posts: 17

Hello. I’m woefully disorganized and unprepared for this - as are probably most of us. Can anyone recommend an insurance agent to walk me through what, if any, options may exist that I can begin to investigate for immediate purchase, or post treatment. I have some, but not much coverage, and am kicking myself for not making sure my son (age 3) is looked after, worst case scenario. I know it might be too late, and I also know if there are any limited options they may be crazy expensive and restrictive.

But for his sake, I have to ask!! My husband never submitted the forms when I asked last year, well before any of this even started happening, to extend my and his coverage through his employer…feeling so defeated…


  • justleslieh
    justleslieh Member Posts: 1

    I was just talking to an insurance agent friend about critical illness insurance and once you have a diagnosis it's definitely too late. He says it's an automatic denial. Sorry.