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Lumps and bumps after mastectomy


Hi all

Anyone have any palpable lumps after mastectomy? I have a lump on my inner breast (cancer side but not where the actual tumors were). I actually also feel small lumps in the axillary tail on that side- noticed them at about the same time - 6 months after surgery. The inner breast one is hard and smaller than a pea. I had an ultrasound in October and saw the breast surgeon. She felt it was "fibrosis". I went to see another BS (who I saw before my BMX as a second opinion), and he ordered an MRI which showed no suspicious enhancement and report didnt even mention the palpable lump. So I asked radiologist to look again! He said probably fibrosis. But it's there!!! The consensus is that it is probably residual breast tissue. Which does not reassure me! And how come the non-cancer reconstructed side has zero bumps???? Maybe its fat necrosis which would make sense bc I had fat grafting. But its the "maybe" that is killing me .

its hard for me to just relax about it. I go through cycles of obsessing about it then calming down. Before dx I had extremely lumpy breasts and I sort of got used to always feeling lumps and not being too alarmed bc mammos were always fine. And then they werent fine anymore! I thought I was past this by having BMX, but I am told there is residual breast tissue after Mastectomy that can also get lumpy. Well aint that just grand!!!!!

I am 47. I was dx with ILC last year, 2 tumors in one breast. I had bilateral skin sparing mastectomy and implant reconstruction and fat grafting. I didn't have any positive LN, but I had a positive margin. RT was not recommended. Oncotype was 10 so no chemo. I am on exemestane and monthly Lupron.

Thanks for just being a place to share this. I know that nobody understands this dance the way you all do. In fact, I am an oncology clinician for many years, and I know that I have learned more in this past year than in 25 yr prior!!!

Stay strong everyone. ✌️❤️


  • 2019whatayear
    2019whatayear Member Posts: 468

    I have a lump I guess, it's like a wiggly spot like a bean. I had a BMX in 2019. I had the wiggly spot check in Jan because I thought it felt different, but IDK if I just got in my head or if it really did. Anyway saw my BS then got in for a STAT diagnostic ultrasound and the tech and the doctor who came in after the tech saw nothing. The doc showed me the screen and there is nothing there. You can feel it but It must just be tissue. I'm going to have a follow up in April with my BS per her request but I'm not too worry since it feel the same and isn't bigger or anything and they totally didn't see anything on the US

  • missace
    missace Member Posts: 3

    Thank you @2019whatayear good to know that maybe there are just bumps. I dont want to be too crazy and "crying wolf". Like I said, I have always had very dense lumpy breasts, and after a while, I just kind of stopped reporting the lumps and bumps. And now I regret not speaking up more. At least we both had some imaging and so we have some degree of reassurance!

    good luck to you!!