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ABUS found something / mammo clear

Hi all,

I have had mammograms since I turned 40 (and am now 47) and my GYN suggested ABUS in addition to mammogram because I am category C re: breast density. Mammo was clear but I heard from GYN that they found a 7 mm area in the right breast that they want to examine further (BIRADS 0). GYN said to call breast center today for an appointment which I will do.

Just wondered if anyone had a clear mammo but something found on ABUS.

Thanks in advance!


  • needs.a.nap
    needs.a.nap Member Posts: 157

    Hi @schmoopiebear. Many of us with dense breast tissue have had various things not show up on our mammogram ... the majority of things found are totally benign thankfully! Still … it’s hard not to wonder and worry.

    I didn’t have ABUS, I’ve only had regular ultrasounds … it’s great that your GYN has encouraged you to get the extra screening with dense breasts. From what I understand, the screening whole breast ultrasound is somewhat limited so anything not clear (and with no previous ultrasound to compare it to) will need a diagnostic follow up. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything is even wrong, they just need a better view is all. Hopefully it’ll all be fine in your case!!

    Good for you for being so diligent with your mammograms and now adding this extra screening … and you probably already are, but I now encourage everyone to get familiar with the landscape of your breasts (rubbing in lotion or soaping up in the shower … there’s a good chance anything new and different will stand out!! It totally did for me one day soaping up with my hands instead of a washcloth.)

    Take care!!