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1QT.2024 My TM CA-15-3 went up. I am very nervous. I just started Elacestrant its my 2nd week and i am getting mixed messages here about that it causes spikes in tumormarkers activity for some patients and not so much for others. I was taken off my previous meds Kisqali+Letrozole on Jan 5th after PET scan that showed new progression in liver. On Jan 5 my CA-15 =67. Today ITS = 126! There's no way of knowing whether this activity happened when I was off meds from Jan 5 - Feb20 while sorting out NGS and deciding on the new treatment or just now on my 2nd week of taking Elacestrant.In addition I have ESR1 RNA FUSION nor the actual mutation. Please share your experience on this drug.. THANK YOU!

01/2016 - BC right breast ER+/PR-99%, Her2Neu - , CHECK-2 +

01/2016 - 01/2017 surgery, DDAC-T and radiation

12/2021 - BC left breast ILC ER-/PR-/HER2 equivocal, completed a bilat mastect

03/2022 - MBC mets to the spine, chest wall, and sternum (ER+/PR+/HER2 negative)

07/2022-09/2023: Ibrance + Faslodex

08/ 2022 Progressions/ bones. Tempus testing was negative for ESR1

10/2023-01/2024: Kisqali + Letrozole

12/2023 Progression internal mammary lymph node, sternum, and liver. NGS Caris testing was completed and revealed ESR1 RNA fusion, PD-L1-10

2/2024 - Elacestrant ( Orserdu) Was 2 months off meds