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Asymmetry and architectural distortion

Went for my 6 month check up (due to multiple biopsies in left breast and one in right also had adh in left). Impression shows asymmetry in the right breast and questioned architectural distortion in the right medial breast. Was also reported that I have extremely dense breasts. Follow up mammogram and ultrasound not until 4/5. Hopefully I can get earlier appointment. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks do much.


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    Hello @pink12! Welcome to the BCO community. Sorry to hear about these changes in your breast health, and glad you reached out to us.

    Hopefully, others will respond to your post soon, but in the meantime, you might want to explore this link for more information and resources about Common Imaging Questions. Hope this helps!

    It would be great if you could get your tests done earlier, so you can get some answers and have peace of mind sooner. Please come back to let us know how it goes and how you're feeling. We're here for you.

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    For a few years while premenopausal, I had callbacks for ultrasound after the old style film screening showed architectural distortion. No further follow-up. My lobular cancer was growing however was not detected until 2011 with digital technology. The IDC was in a location where it could not be seen except by MRI, high up in the arm.

    Once emphasis on breast density came to the fore, I was scheduled for more frequent imaging of lefty (other side was removed via mastectomy). You are definitely on the right track although delays in securing appointments is disappointing. If you were able to get the diagnostic mammogram separately from US, could it alone be done sooner?

    With metastatic disease. I often must schedule things at various times & places just to get it done expeditiously. Of course, I’m now retired and have a husband who can drive me to chemo, etc. All thst to say, I hope your “scanxiety” so common to many of us can be relieved. Waiting for results is another issue…