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Starting new medication (Xeloda ) today I live alone and worry what to expect.

Hi everyone I am starting on Xeloda today 7 days test run. I live alone and pretty nervous on what to expect. Can you share plese what I really need to pay attention to and what would be the signs if any to rush seek medical attention. Thank you .


  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 655


    Hi Here is a great place about experiences with Xeloda. I understand your concerns especially living alone. Perhaps you can take your first dose in the presence of a family member or friend to ease your worries.

    Sending good vibes and wishes as you start Xeloda.

  • amel_83
    amel_83 Member Posts: 112


    I'm on Capecitabine from a while and don't have many side effects.

    Light nausea the first couple days of each cycle, little tiredness for the first 3/4 cycle, than went away, and some imsonia during the last days of each cycle, but nothing too bad. I think Capecitabine is one of the most tolerated med, especially on a 7/7 cycle.

    Some diarrea from time to time, but I take probiotics, it seem to help.

    Also is important that if you have too much hand foot syndrom you keep your folate intake low, like @denny123 tough me. If you eat too many you can have a lot of it, I didn't know and all my fingers and feet got crazy cracks, but as soon as I limite a little the food high in folate, it was way better.

    Also keep hand and feet mosturized.

    But overall is not too bad at all!

    I wish you good luck on it!