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I had a biopsy for calcification that turn out to be Atypical ductal hyperplasia, they advised excision. I had lumpectomy in my left breast. Yesterday I saw the surgeon and the result was DCIS with one clear margin 3 mm and another margin 0.5 mm. They may do re excision and or radiotherapy. I am scared of whole thing especially radiotherapy. Anybody can advice me to be in better picture and may be reassured


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    @salamaty1 - We're so sorry for the circumstances that have brought you here, but we're glad you've joined us. We know this is scary and confusing right now, but please know that you are not alone!

    Until you get responses from other community members here, there is some information in our section for newly diagnosed members that might be helpful to you. Check it out here: Just Diagnosed? Start Here. Also, you might want to learn more about radiation in the Radiation Therapy section of our main site.

    Hope this helps. Stay in touch with us, and feel free to use this community for encouragement and support.

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    Hi @salamaty1, I'm sorry that you are having to deal with DCIS. The doctors are probably considering a re excision since for DCIS all margins should be at least 2 mm and one of yours is less than that. Sometimes radiation can be done rather than a second surgery but you have a say in which you would prefer.

    As far as radiation goes, ask about the recurrence statistics both with and without it. You can then decide whether it seems worth it for your situation. These decisions are not easy but the more you know about the process the more likely it is you will be comfortable with your choice. I hope the rest of your treatment goes well.

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    I've had radiation twice now, and it was a pain in the butt with all the travelling back and forth, and I did have some discomfort, but overall it was really fine for me.

    I know that's not the case for everybody, and no one can say how it will be for you. But it could be fine.