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Starting Chemo March 2024 Support Thread


  • clewispe
    clewispe Member Posts: 2

    I am starting Taxol and Herceptin tomorrow. Feeling anxious about how things will go and what I will feel like during weekly treatment (duration is 3 months).

  • walker137
    walker137 Member Posts: 1
    edited March 19

    I just started chemo and Keytruda on March 4th. I had some stomach issues (diarrhea mostly) each week (worst on Tuesday night into Wednesday with Monday morning into afternoon treatments). I work in a small, uncrowded office and have been able to work at least a couple of days each week.

    I am concerned now though, because at my third treatment today I had an allergic reaction to Taxol, so they had to stop the treatment only a few minutes in. Now a different drug will need to be used, and I’m concerned about this lengthening my treatment time before surgery (was meant to be 12 weekly treatments of Taxol Carboplatin with Keytruda every 21 days, followed by 4 doses of A/C with Keytruda every 3 weeks and THEN surgery), and I’m also concerned about whether other drugs are as effective. Anyone using a different combo of drugs for triple-negative Stage 3A breast cancer?

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,887

    Welcome, @clewispe and @walker137! We're so sorry you find yourselves here, but we hope you find this community to be a source of support!

    Walker, that's a frustrating set back, but more common than you'd think! We hope you're feeling ok after your reaction. Check out THIS thread on taxol, lots of members sharing their experiences there. It's an older thread but very informative - you can also search 'taxol' and pull up several threads that you might find helpful.

    We want to let you know we offer very supportive, moderated Virtual Community Meetups. There are a number of different groups and times, so if you're interested, please check them out here: Virtual Community Meetups.

    We’re here for you,

    The Mods

  • luzio19130
    luzio19130 Member Posts: 4

    Stage IV here starting second does of Trodelvy tomorrow. I completed 6 months of Chemo last summer/fall.

    My best advice is to stay hydrated! stay ahead of the nausea and especially the constipation.

    Get a lot o f rest when you can.

    I worked oart time, every day, through the first six months of chemo because I rested when I wasn't working.

    Good luck


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,887

    @luzio19130 we're sorry you find yourself here, and we are so hopeful for you that the Trodelvy really works!! 💕

  • rugbymom
    rugbymom Member Posts: 1

    Hello! starting TCHP next week and my process is to prepare prepare prepare. Any suggestions on what to bring with me to the first appointment?

    Thank you!!!

  • megbbb
    megbbb Member Posts: 1

    Hi there,

    I am hormone positive Her2 negative breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and lymph node removal in February. I just had my first appointment with oncologist and she has suggested chemo and hormone therapy. My first lymph node had ITC (.12mm). She said the chemo increases my survival by 5 percent. The numbers aren’t really adding up for me and I’m wondering if I should be asking other questions before I agree or decide not to go for chemo. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. She is recommending Taxotere and cytoxan.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,887
    edited March 28

    @rugbymom and @megbbb, welcome to the BCO community!

    megbbb, we know that making treatment decisions can be difficult, especially when there is a lot of information to consider. Gathering comprehensive information is essential. This includes understanding your risk factors, potential short-term and long-term side effects of the proposed chemo regimen, exploring alternative treatment options, and weighing the pros and cons of each option. The following article can help you understand these important aspects in more detail: Planning Your Treatment. We hope it helps! Please, come back and let us know what you decide and how things are going.

    rugbymom, hope this article from our main site helps you get prepared: What to Expect During Chemotherapy Treatment


    The Mods

  • ava55
    ava55 Member Posts: 42

    I would do it for the extra 5%. I had a similar journey to you (mx two years ago they found 5mm IDC but nothing in lymph nodes). I didn’t have chemo as too small to register on oncotype. 1% recurrence chance and am back now about to start chemo after they found 1.1m in one lymph node (out of 20). It’s scary but anything that has gone to even one lymph node even very small is worth trying everything to stamp out. I am due to start AC-T as a result. It’s so hard to make such a big decision and chemo is one those. Hope this helps.

  • clewispe
    clewispe Member Posts: 2

    I am doing cold capping. If it works, I think it will be worth it. But I didn't realize how long the cold capping is and how much longer the treatment days are because of it. I also did not realize that I can't wear a hat (I wear hats all the time!) and that I can not wash my hair as often as I usually do which gets really oily and limp. I also have developed some crusty patches on my scalp. Is anyone else doing cold capping?