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Contemplative practices - Affirmations, white light visualizations, healing meditations

Do you have a contemplative practice? A spiritual lifestyle ? imagery or healing meditations you like? Let’s share the love of positive affirmations and meditations. I just finished Ian Gawler's book You Can Conquer Cancer , and I was reminded how much I love self healing practices. I do white light meditations every evening ( great for falling asleep), and mindfulness sitting in stillness in the morning. Have just added affirmations “Every day in every way I am getting better and better , wiser and wiser”. Feels wonderful and sets a loving tone throughout the day.


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    @rlschaller, thank you for starting this enriching discussion! It's inspiring to hear about your contemplative practices and the positive impact they have on your well-being. Let's continue to share our experiences and practices! 🤗

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    Thank you Mods! I love this topic and hope it might be encouraging for others .
    iOn this lovely Sunday morning I thought I’d share one of my favorites The orb of light, which can read to yourself slowly while you practice:
    Practice: Orb of Light

    This is the orb of light meditation. So when you are ready is close your eyes, and begin to follow the breath. Breathing in and out from the nose. And simply letting your entire attention be focused on the breath. Allowing yourself to relax. Letting go of thoughts, worries, just breath and allow the mind to quiet as we follow the breath for a few more moments. 

    And then when you are ready, I’d like you bring to bring your attention to the very center of your forehead. And imagine that there is an orb of light in the very center of your forehead. And breath in and out through this orb of light at the very center of your forehead, it can be an oval shape or circle. Let it be any shape that comes naturally to mind. You can create the image of the orb of light as you breathe or allow one to rise to mind, either way is fine. 

    But imagine, sense, feel or see this orb of light this beautiful light shimmering strong and steady as your breath. Breathing in and out through this orb of light. 

    Bringing all of your focus to the very enter of the forehead, imagining this orb of light, and it grows and glows brighter with each breath. And if your mind should wander its perfectly fine. Just notice wandering, just notice and then gently bring the focus back to the very center of the forehead, to this beautiful orb of light. 

    And then when you are ready, allow this light to expand. As you breathe, imagine this orb of light expands and begins to fill your entire body. It spreads and expands and fills your entire head, behind your eyes, the very top of your head, back of your head cheeks, jaw, teeth, lips and your chin. Just imagine as you breathe the orb of light expands and fills your entire body. Imagine the light flows down your neck, throat, flows down into your chest, your heart, back. 

    Flows down into your stomach, lower back and waist. To your hips your legs, so while you are breathing in and out from this orb of light, it is filling your entire body. Your legs, knees, calves, ankles, light flows down into your feet, the balls of your feet, the soles, your toes. Continuous stream of light expands and flows throughout your entire bod, in the form of this orb of light at the center for your forehead, simply flowing as you breathe. 

    Flows down your shoulders your arms into your elbows. Down through your forearms into your hands, fingers. This beautiful radiant light shines through the palms of your hands, and soles of your feet. Continue breathing, in and out through this orb of light at the center of your forehead. As the light becomes ever more bright and brilliant within you. Your entire being is breath and light. 

    Allow the light from your third eye, that centered space in the middle of your forehead is also called your third eye, allow the orb of light to flow within you and now allow it flow all around you. As you breathe, like a fountain of energy this beautiful light completely surrounds you, completely fills you as you breathe. 

    Focusing on the orb of light. All energy is light, imagine your beautiful essence, your consciousness is all light as you breathe. Just radiate pure loving light. 

    Your entire being dissolves into this light, you are this light. And your energy shines, you are full breath full light. Allow yourself to be this light for a few more moments, to be the beauty of the light. Peaceful loving light is your essence, let this be your meditation on focused breath and light for a few more moments. 

    And then when you are ready, at the count of 3, you can begin the process of coming back to a waking state, 1, 2 and 3. Very slowly begin to open your eyes allowing this feeling of peace and light to stay with you.

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    Beautiful. Lovely to read this today.