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Realistic looking custom wigs


Bout to start treatment in the coming months. Hunting for a good, high quality, realistic looking wig. Found a couple promising ones (ie wigs by tiffani and high definition hair). Seems the one closest to what I am looking for is High Definition Hair ( They seem to be custom made wigs (custom hairline and ability to put up in bun, ponytail, etc..) made specifically for my head and dont require any glue or install. Their instagram (IG: and website have videos showing some amazing looking work and shows how easy it is to take on and off the pieces.

So my questions….. Has anyone undergoing treatment worked with them? Are their pieces as nice as they are in the videos? How much do they cost? Do they accept medical insurance? They have some virtual consultation process, anyone use that? Any other companies that do similar to them (no install/glue, custom built, easy to put on, secure, realistic, etc…)? Hoping to get some honest answers before calling them.


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    Welcome, @foreverlooking46! We're sorry you find yourself here, but we hope you find this to be a supportive and informative place.

    We've not seen a specific recommendation about that particular wig maker, but you will find some other community recommendations and ideas HERE. For detailed information, it's probably best to reach out to the wig maker directly - price can vary so much depending on what you're looking for, and generally speaking, a high-quality custom wig can cost anywhere between $700-1500 or more. Many wig makers do work with your insurance if the hair loss is related to a medical condition, but there would likely be limitations on who your insurance is contracted to work with, so give them a call and speak to a benefits manager to be sure!

    Some cancer centers also offer financial assistance for wigs, and others even have wig stores either on the same campus or one they work with through a partnership, to connect patients with affordable options while they undergo treatment. You didn't mention where you live or where you'll undergo treatment, but you might consider speaking to a patient advocate or a benefits manager at the center to see if that's something they offer.

    Also, our extensive section on Wigs might be helpful!

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    Thanks for the link. I was hoping to get some good reviews from people that actually have their wigs vs from the wig maker themselves as they will obviously tell me their wigs are all that and then some. This is a big decision for me and a big investment. I cant seem to get a straight answer on if insurance will cover it. Which cancer centers offer financial assistance? I live in New Jersey. Thanks again for the info and the link.

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    I have never needed a wig but I understand that some insurance will cover them and they are referred to as a cranial prosthesis. Since I have no experience with this, calling your insurer may be your best bet. The American Cancer Society also makes donated wigs available. As far as financial assistance from your cancer center, your best bet is to call. There are also other sources for free or low cost wigs that your cancer center’s social worker can help you with, however custom wigs can be very pricey so not sure if any source will cover that. When I thought I might need a wig, anything custom was not covered by insurance and my medical facility had many options for obtaining wigs but custom models were definitely out of the price range. Most here, if they use wigs, buy ready made as they don’t want to make a big investment for something they will use for a relatively short period of time. Even good ready made wigs can be high priced but if money is no object, go for it!