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Looking for your recommendations: Wigs, hats, turbans, and more

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For any of you who chose to use wigs, hats, turbans, or any other head covering during chemo, we're looking for personal recommendations in your area! Was there a certain type of wig or hat you found that worked for you? A great brand of turbans? Did you try a full-service wig salon or hair loss center that offered fitting and styling? Wig adhesives or other accessories?

We'd love to know:

  • The name or brand of the product
  • Name and location of the shop or center
  • Name of the wig fitter/stylist
  • Any related website links

We hope to add this information to the Hair, Skin, and Nails section so that people can find resources where they live or online. Please post your recommendations below!

Thank you!

--The Team



  • ksusan
    ksusan Member Posts: 461
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    This handsome Ergodyne 6615 High-Performance Dew Rag is available in a variety of patterns. I favored stars-and-stripes and flames. $6.99 at Amazon.


  • Greenfaith51
    Greenfaith51 Member Posts: 1
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    I found useful stretchy fabric hats and night-time soft, comfortable caps in the Boutique at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Breast Center at 300 East 66th St in NYC. Open to all.

  • moderators
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    Thank you both for sharing! Bumping for more recommendations! We hope to have enough resources to reach all areas of the globe, so please, post away!

    Thank you!!

    --The Mods

  • tapestry
    tapestry Member Posts: 1
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    I have just completed my second round of chemo.  However, I had already lost all of my hair two weeks out after the first round when it started coming out in clumps, so I just decided to have my head shaved.  In solidarity, my husband had his head shaved, too!

    At any rate, I have been interested in getting a wig, so I'm in the process of having my nurse navigator confirm that I am, indeed, a cancer patient so that I will get a FREE WIG!  I am very excited that there is a place that will do this for you online no matter where you live which is very convenient for me as I live on a small island.  Hopefully, this info will help others that may be interested in getting a free wig due to hair loss from cancer.  Their website is:

    I hope this helps others who feel a little lost, as I do, without hair.


    tapestry Heart

  • lovepugs77
    lovepugs77 Member Posts: 108
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    When I found out I was going to have chemo, I bought several headcovers and two wigs. The two headcovers I thought I would like the most because they are super soft are a little tight, and since I only lost about 75% of my hair, they make my scalp hurt if I wear them for any length of time. I buzzed my remaining hair super short, and I think they pull on the stubble a little bit. This one is the most comfortable for me: . It is soft, and just a little loose so it doesn't pull on my stubble at all. I'm probably going to order another one.

    I have two wigs, the Cameron and the Ignite, both by Jon Renau. I like them both, but I prefer the Cameron. It has a hand tied monofilament top, which made it much more expensive than the Ignite, but it is worth it. The monofilament top allows me to part it where ever I want, and makes it look much more natural. I bought them both at a local salon (Beyond Basics in Wilmington, NC) that also sells wigs. I took my two best friends with me to pick out a wig, and it took us about an hour and a half to figure out both the color and styles that we liked for me. Since the salon didn't have the styles we liked in the colors we picked, we ordered them, and it took about a week for them to come in. Once they were in, I went in for a fitting, and one of the stylists worked with me for a while to trim one of the wigs a bit and give me some styling tips. If there is something similar near you, I'd definitely recommend going in to try on wigs. Before I went to the salon, I had tried ordering a wig online, but the color was all wrong (the on screen colors do not match very well with what you actually get), and the style wasn't what I had expected. This particular website (not the one I linked above) charged a pretty hefty restocking fee, and a lot of websites have a no returns policy if you have tried on a wig, so be careful if you go that route. I'd order online to replace either of the wigs I have now with the same style and color, but I wouldn't try to start from scratch online again.

  • sunnyjay
    sunnyjay Member Posts: 143
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    I highly recommend Bay Area Cancer Connections to anyone in the northern California area, not only for their classes and support, but for their Wig Boutique. They offer wigs, head scarves, sleeping caps and other related supplies that have been donated by local businesses.

    Bay Area Cancer Connections
    2335 El Camino Real
    Palo Alto, California 94306

  • MsLin
    MsLin Member Posts: 64
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    I have a wig that I rarely wear, but I purchased it at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Shine store. They have a paid employee who is able to fit wigs. They only sell synthetic Jon Renau wigs and they are reasonably priced. They are also an authorized "head prosthesis" store so some people are eligible for a reimbursement from insurance companies. While I was there I also purchased a very soft Jon Renau bamboo beanie. I wear it around the house when my head gets cold or if I need to run a quick errand.

    On a daily basis I wrap my head with scarves. I have a whole collection. Most of my scarves were purchased from I also use either a velvet headband or an ultimate shaper underneath the scarves. The shaper makes it look like I have a bulk of hair under the head wrap. The Wrapunzel site is great because there are links to numerous videos that have tutorials on how to do creative wraps. The scarves are very inexpensive and very pretty as well as good quality

  • rainnyc
    rainnyc Member Posts: 801
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    New York City:

    Hairplace NYC, at 855 Lexington Ave @ 65th St., 212/249-8866. This place was expensive and worth every penny. They will work with you on insurance reimbursement. They have a huge selection of natural hair and artificial fiber wigs, and they do give you a lot of free stuff, i.e. wig caps and stands and shampoo/conditioner. They'll also wash and style them, if you don't want to do that. They were incredibly nice. The man who runs it told me that because the profit margins in hair salons have fallen drastically, their wig department actually has saved their business.

    I'll second the recommendation for the boutique at the Sloan Kettering breast center. It's at 2nd Ave and 66th St., on the second floor. You can walk in. They don't have wigs, but tons of head coverings, including some very affordable hats. Because they were very inexpensive, I bought several hats over time. They also have bras, camisoles, prostheses, and so forth, though they don't take insurance.

    I bought my bras and prostheses from a lovely little store called Underneath It All, which is run by a couple of BC survivors. They do carry wigs and other headwear, but I didn't discover them until after I'd bought my head coverings. Again, super nice people, and they're around the corner from the Korean restaurant district, which some might think is a plus. Website here:

    There was a terrific hat store in the holiday pop-up market at Union Square, and I bought a wonderful hat there that fit over the wig, and I still wear it. I think they're there every year.

  • GrandmaV
    GrandmaV Member Posts: 1,045
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    Here in Wichita, Kansas we have a wonderful organization called "Victory in the Valley". They give all kind of support to cancer patients in our area that includes just about anything a cancer patient needs at no charge including a free wig, turban, hat and scarf.  They will see you by appointment at the Women's Boutique at "Victory in the Valley" by calling 316-682-7400.  They are located at 3755 E. Douglas, Wichita, Ks.  They have a wide selection and you get to chose and they help you learn how to wear your head gear.  Wonderful people.

    When I went through chemo in 2011 they provided a wig, scarf, chemo blanket, neck pillow and much more.       

  • lynae23
    lynae23 Member Posts: 39
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    I went to Gayla Wigs in the North Houston, Texas area! It is in the Woodlands area. They have great wigs, scarves, name it they have it! They will also shave your head for you when you are ready to get your wig! Awesome small, intimate place

  • mariajose7
    mariajose7 Member Posts: 1
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    I live in Spain. I was told to have the wig organized before I lost my hair. I was nervous and went to buy it right after my 1st chemo session. It cost 500Euros. I HATED IT, AND HARDLY EVER WORE IT, it was really itchy. It is a personal prefrence, but I personally only wanted to be comfortable.

    In the winter my head was cold at night so I used a fuzzy towel turbin. I turned it backwards and sewed a button at the back. cumfy and warm!

    Resultado de imagen de towel turban hair

  • WorryWartSuzie
    WorryWartSuzie Member Posts: 8
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    I've had outstanding luck with Gabor wigs! I purchased two of them from:

    The Marcy Spa and Salon, Public Square, Watertown, NY 13601.

    I was personally fitted (in a private room), and the stylist cut the wig to fit me. I get so many compliments on it, people think it is my own hair!

    Turbans were purchased at the local Family Dollar for about $2 each. I wash them a lot and they can take a lot of abuse!

    If the wigs from Gabor are not available in your area, they have a catalog. I even picked up a few on Amazon that weren't half bad, but none were as comfortable as the Gabor wigs!

  • WorryWartSuzie
    WorryWartSuzie Member Posts: 8
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    Mariajose7 - Everyone told me to get my wig before I lost my hair. Big mistake. The wigs I love ended up being the ones I got after the hair loss. The silky turbans are also really comfortable, too. Love them.

  • oceanbum
    oceanbum Member Posts: 3,644
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    I wear mostly pre-tied scarves. I like the look and the ease of them. I especially like the ones I got from My favorite is the "luxury bamboo" one. I have it in several different colors and I wear one of them almost daily. I like the way it lays in the back. It has a "full" look. I bought quilted padded liners to wear under my scarves. But I haven't felt the need to do so. I also have a wig I got for special occcasions. But I haven't wore it yet either. I have a couple of weddings in the fall I may wear it for. But right now I am more comfortable in my scarves so I'm guessing if I am able to go I will be wearing a scarf.

  • BucsGirl
    BucsGirl Member Posts: 160
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    I was very happy with the wig that was fitted and styled for me. I totally recommend Custom Hair of Tampa Bay. It's a hair loss center/wig shop that has all different solutions for hair loss. They have 3 locations in the Tampa Bay area.

    In Tampa: 1425 W. Busch Blvd. Tampa, FL 33612 

    In Brandon: 117 N. Kings Ave. Brandon, FL 33511

    In Clearwater: 2643 Gulf to Bay Blvd. Ste. 1530 Clearwater, FL 33759 (located in the Clearwater Mall)

    They have just about everything (turbans, wigs, hats, extensions, wig accessories, and more). They will also wash, style, or defrizz your wig as a service. 

  • TWills
    TWills Member Posts: 509
    edited August 2017

    I second that TampaBayBucsGirl, I went to two of the Custom Hair locations and especially loved the Clearwater one. Super sweet lady works there and loved the privacy. This was a very comfortable one that I tried on while I was there...image

  • BucsGirl
    BucsGirl Member Posts: 160
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    TWills, that wig looks adorable on you! Smile

    I had a similar experience with the Brandon location. They are very comfortable. I also loved the fact that they look so natural. I'm glad you like them too.

  • LCin312
    LCin312 Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2017

    Chicago, IL - this company takes photos and makes your wig look exactly like your old cut and color. Uses real hair. Very pricey, but I would say 'the best.' I plan on using my wig for work, then rocking no hair most other places. I was lucky enough to have my insurance cover. Make sure to check this piece before ordering any wig!

    Chrysalis Custom Hair
    [email protected]

  • anothernycgirl
    anothernycgirl Member Posts: 821
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    I found them to be patient and understanding when I called with questions, reasonably priced and offer discounts to chemo patients as well as sale prices from time to time (go on their mailing list).

    Also: I was able to get a very comfortable free wrap, that arrived with a sweet note!

  • Beatmon
    Beatmon Member Posts: 617
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    I had 2 Raquel Welch wigs, less than 200$. The red one I wore the most is my avatar picture. My stylist trimmed it. I loved it. So easy to wash, drip dry and wear the next day.

    I used body adhesive on the front and back to keep it from slipping or blowing off in the Oklahoma wind

  • specialk
    specialk Member Posts: 9,211
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    I purchased a wig from Magnolia's at Moffitt Cancer Center, it is a lace front Versafiber (can be styled with hot tools up to a certain temp) Raquel Welch, shoulder length style called Embrace, same highlighted blonde color as my own hair. I had the wig trimmed in the front in my own salon to more closely resemble my own hairstyle, and it was very natural looking and easy to care for. My oncologist wrote a prescription for a "cranial prosthesis" which I submitted to my insurance company with a claim form and copy of the receipt from Magnolia's and was reimbursed for about 3/4 of the cost, up to the allowable amount.

    I also purchased an "underhair" from Hip Hats (now ChemoDiva) which was made from my own long hair that had been cut off. The hair was mounted at just above ear height on a soft fabric head covering. This required a hat to cover the fabric but was very comfortable and cooler than my wig (Florida is HOT in the Spring/Summer!), and I usually wore it with cute fedoras, and sometimes a ball cap.

    On the campus of the University of South Florida, adjacent to Moffitt Cancer Center, there is an American Cancer Society Hope Lodge. There are other Lodges across the country, usually next to major cancer centers. These locations often have a gift closet, from which you can choose two items - hats, scarves, wigs, mastectomy bras, prosthetics. I had some new hats others gave me and I donated the ones I did not wear to them when I was done with chemo. Here is a link to other Hope Lodge locations:

    I purchased a self tied scarf from this company, they are here in FL but will ship anywhere. I did not wear mine much even though it was very comfortable, as I elected to wear my wig or underhair when I left the house. I have a good friend locally who used these a lot during treatment, she loved them.

    For a free scarf:

  • Lumpie
    Lumpie Member Posts: 1,553
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    Even before I lost my hair, I was a hat addict. I LOVE hats by Elina Davenport! see: She used to have a showroom in the Mission (San Francisco). Her website says that "You will find a collection of my hats at Knitz and Leather in North Beach" and that she sells via Etsy (there is a link on the "shop" tab). She evidently has a cashmere collection in production for fall. I may not miss my hair (again) so much after all....

    I have purchased hats from Headcovers Unlimited and The American Cancer Society's TLC store. One of the things I like about TLC is that it offers some hats and wigs in *Large sizes.* If you have a head with a large circumference, this can be a big deal! Another tip for ladies with a larger head, try knit hats in the men's department. They have more "ease" (larger diameter). Hello Courage has nice patterns and is operated by a breast cancer survivor.

    For more hats in fun patterns, I like scrub hats. I have purchased from "Classic Scrub Hats" on Amazon. Try or

    Another source is and Scrumptious Scrub Hatz You can search Etsy for unique "cottage" industry caps - scrub type and otherwise. If I am feeling super ambitious, I go to the fabric store, get fabric and either cut out a scarf or actually (attempt to) sew a hat.

    I am currently in the Northern Virginia/Metro DC area. There are two wig shops in the 700 block of King St in Alexandria in Old Town. They have a huge selection and reasonable prices. I didn't find anything I was terribly happy with ... but that's probably more about me and wigs. Other participants on this site have recommended Amy of Denmark, 11302 Grandview Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20902, (301) 942-3733 and Eivind and Hans in Georgetown for wigs.

    Good luck and happy shopping!

  • shoppygirl
    shoppygirl Member Posts: 110
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    In Calgary , Alberta I go to Compassionate Beauty. When I first went there four years ago , I had no idea what To buy but all I knew is that I wanted something amazing. If I was going to lose my hair, I wanted to replace it with the hair that I always wanted. Not only was I able to get exactly what I had in mind but when it was time for me to shave my head, it was done in a private room with a lot of compassion and care. I truly believe that my wig helped me get through my treatment because it made me look 'normal'. It was quite pricey as it was a long human hair wig but I wore it almost every day. After chemo finished, my hair did not grow back in properly. I went back to Compassionate Beauty and they have been able to help me with hairpieces and allow me to have a full head of hair again without having to wear a full wig. Anything that I've needed for my hair loss I have been able to purchase at the salon. They have always been very helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them.

  • sweetp6217
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    I'm in a wsw suburb of Chicago and if you're anything like me, you avoid the windy city at all costs! I do all my hair/head shopping online. I'm not usually the one to hunt down freebies, but when the social worker and nurse mentioned TLC of ACS, I took a look on their website and also called them. The ACS is a wonderful source of information and help for cancer patients. There is much that I don't or won't utilize but it's reassuring that it's there. I went in for a fitting before cutting off my hair, fairly BIG mistake. I was on day 15 of my first chemo cycle, so the hair was falling out in clumps. I had to wear one of their nylon type caps to hold it down while trying on wigs. The average felt a bit tight and the large felt too large. Also, most, if not all of the wigs had already been all combed out or brushed out so it was really difficult for me to imagine what it would really look like when you ordered it from TLC. If I were to order a wig, it would be a good two weeks (without hair). I politely turned down a free wig. About the free TLC wigs, they are the less expensive wigs, which is fine, but I was looking for something like my own hair (off the face). They have some really great pixie's, etc.

    Anyway, I searched online and tried to get a feeling for size and types. I watched numerous youtube videos on how to measure and wrote them down. Then I found a website, and wrote to them about a couple of wigs that they sell. Heather was very helpful and confirmed that the wigs would fit me based on my measurements, etc. The owner wears wigs all the time. I looked at a great deal of wigs on her website and others and found that if I was going to get a particular color, I would have to choose from a narrow range of brands. Most of this I learned from watching youtube videos of SugarPuffandFluff, Tazswigcloset and CysterWigs. Just seeing the colors for each brand was very helpful even if the style wasn't quite the one.

    I ended up getting the Gabor Sweet Talk GL-14-22 in Sandy Blonde. The color turned out to be more golden than I expected and it doesn't look as blended in color as the photo. Doesn't really matter because every time I wear it, I get compliments and no one knew it was a wig. I've told a few, but I really didn't think that I would get that kind of reaction. Hair stylists can't even tell.

    My own old hairstyle was a bit lazy. It used to be shoulder length, I would wash it, brush it out and add a leave-in conditioner and just scrunch it. When dry, the next day, I would brush it back into a ponytail and it would magically loose it's waves. Right before chemo started, I had it cut just short enough to not be able to wear a scrunchie. Same thing, wash, brush, condition, style, go. Then, on day 12, it began looking lifeless and a few hairs fell out. I started wearing a bandana like a scarf. By day 18, I couldn't take it anymore and my hubby clippered it off.

    I also bought a couple of slouchy cotton beanies and am waiting for an order of wig care products (shampoo, conditioner, silicone spray, detangler spray). The gabor may be good for up to 6 months, depending if I can take care of it, but I'm looking for another wig that hopefully my insurance will pay for. They require my onc to submit a prescription to them.

  • wendiwithani
    wendiwithani Member Posts: 27
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    My favorite place to shop for super soft hats was These are a few of my faves (all super soft and comfy):

    I also used my regular scarves and wrapped them around my head in all kinds of cute ways (thanks to YouTube)! Hope this helps someone. :)

  • sweetp6217
    sweetp6217 Member Posts: 116
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    Hi all!

    Anyone have a link for a quilted beanie? Maybe not hand quilted.

  • Leatherette
    Leatherette Member Posts: 272
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    I have two caps from Flipside hats that are comfortable and styles I like. They have a website.


  • Mel2015
    Mel2015 Member Posts: 1
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    I live in Austin, Texas, and bought a wig from Serenity Wig Spa which worked fine, but I found it ultimately uncomfortable in the summer heat. So I would use head coverings I found online, the source of which I can't recall. I finished chemo in October 2015 and Herceptin in June 2016. Since then, my hair has not fully recovered. I have very thin hair (bald spots) on the crown of my head. What follows may be helpful to women who have permanent, partial hair loss, after treatment has ended.

    I met Shanna Mol, ( who is an Austin-based hair therapist/stylist, and she introduced me to hair systems, which I found to be a great answer to my problem. Mine is essentially a hair topper you can clip in. She is expanding her training to include the Italian hair system known as Cesare Ragazzi, which involves a custom made mold of your scalp, and hand tied, carefully selected human hair attached to the scalp cover in an Italian lab. Then it is essentially glued on with surgical grade adhesive, and you can shower and swim in it. It needs to be refreshed every 4-6 weeks, so you purchase two so they can be switched out. I am set to receive my CR hairpiece in November, and will report back on my experience with it. I would also add that Shanna is an amazing and empathetic person who views this work as her calling in life!

  • dminfl
    dminfl Member Posts: 2
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    In Sarasota County Florida, we have two American Cancer Society Resource rooms with great selections of free wigs and hats plus monthly Look Good Feel Better programs.

    "In the Pink" in Sarasota and Jacksonville (a breast cancer boutique) sells wigs, caps and supports the under-insured and uninsured.

    Joyce Ward, Caring Hair Foundation, a wig maker not only sells wigs but will make a custom wig from your own long hair.


  • msphil
    msphil Member Posts: 184
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    hello All msphil here I used pull on caps in winter and in spring n summer I wrapped my head with beautiful color scarfs got lots of compliments I have been crocheting hats start in beginning of fall then donate to hospital oncology suite they personnel know me right away. I also donate some proceeds to sale of my book "The Healings Of Breast Cancer"(A Physical &Spiritual Healing Of Body & Soul) Amazon .com & barnes & noble. Mrs Phyllis Alexander. God Bless Us All. A 23yr Survivor Praise God.