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Benign biopsy but in need of lumpectomy

Hi all,

I recently found a lump and was told to monitor it I ended up getting a comprehensive mammogram in February followed by a biopsy that came back negative but possible phyllodes tumor. I am scheduled for a lumpectomy on March 22nd I am concerned first and foremost that the pathology on the core needle biopsy was not accurate. My second concern is how I will look after healing the tumor is approximately 1.7 cm and midway between my nipple and my arm on the exterior of the breast at 9:00. Does anyone have any experiences with benign biopsies followed by an excisional biopsy with varying results? Or does anyone have any advice on how my breast may change shape after surgery? For reference I am about a 32c with dense tissue but not the greatest volume. Thanks!


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    @nc1234, we're sorry to hear about your concerns and that you haven't received responses yet. We wanted to check in to see how you're doing. Did you have your lumpectomy surgery on March 22nd as scheduled? How does your breast look after the lumpectomy? I hope the healing process is going smoothly for you. If you're comfortable sharing, we're here to listen and offer support, and looking forward to hearing more from you soon.

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    Thanks for following up, I was definitely hoping to hear some others experiences prior to surgery. The surgery went as scheduled it did take a bit longer than expected. I luckily did not take any prescribed paid meds. I am healing well there definitely is a flatness in the general area that they removed the lump from, with swelling in other areas it's difficult to see the amount of deformity I will be left with. Obviously at this point I am most concerned with the results from pathology. The doctor and staff made it sound promising that the previous core biopsy and the excisional biopsy would both be benign but it's hard to feel confident when there are so many people's stories online that have varying results. I have been a bit let down by the lack of follow-up I have received. I was specifically asked prior to surgery if it was okay if they called and checked on me and I emphasized how I would enjoy that and have not heard from anyone since Friday. I would expect that treatment from a car salesman after purchasing a car but when dealing with health issues that are so personal and very emotional you think there would be more care and concern.

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    I’m pretty sure I had my surgery on a Wednesday and results from path weren’t in until very late on Friday. Also, was surprised that they didn’t do another analysis of the tumor type, but I had multiple core biopsies prior to the lumpectomy. I did get tumor typing from the surgical sample through my Oncotype test and it aligned with original characteristics.

    For appearance later, you should qualify for fat grafting to fill in any flatness or divots. That is usually done by a plastic surgeon. My breast surgical oncologist did such a good job with my lumpectomy, that I haven’t felt a need for that. But knowing it was possible was reassuring to me.

  • nc1234
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    @sarahmaude thanks for the reply... surgery went well and the results matched the core biopsy it ended up being a benign fibroadenoma. I think I will heal ok, not perfect but....I have plenty of other imperfections. I appreciate you talk the time to respond! I have my follow-up Friday to find the path forward and I will ask their input on how they think I will heal.