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Mammogram findings


Can all oddities in breasts be explained? I was told I had something that didn’t look good, but the doctor didn’t think it was cancer. It was a 12 mm nodule with irregularities. He said it could be an infection or scar tissue. Shouldn’t I find out? Thanks


  • rrobin0200
    rrobin0200 Member Posts: 80
    edited March 10

    Personally, I would ask for additional images.. it won’t hurt to make sure it really is “ok.” Did he suggest coming back for a follow up? I would ask for an ultrasound and then possibly for a MRI to investigate further. That’s just me. Maybe even a second opinion from a different doctor? I’m a huge believer in 2nd opinions… they never hurt! Best of luck! Please update if you can.

  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 751

    @terabithia I would most definitely want a better explanation than that for sure! As robin said additional imaging, another opinion etc. There is no better self health advocate than you! Best wishes.